Best Dating Apps in Delhi: Top 10 Most Popular In 2023

Best Dating Apps in Delhi : Top 10 For Android & iOS (2023)

Finding the best dating apps in Delhi is always tricky, considering the sheer size of the city. Aside from being a great cultural, transport, and commercial hub, Delhi also has a rather large population. In 2023 alone, the city is set to reach around 33 million people, so it’s a megacity with lots of potential dates for you, which makes dating in Delhi difficult since there are a lot of people to connect with. Thankfully, dating apps make things easier.

Why should you use dating apps in Delhi?

When you use dating apps in Delhi, finding great people to date right away becomes easier. Since Delhi is a megacity, the chances of finding true love on your own are very slim. It might happen, sure, but you do want to use mobile apps to help increase your chances. These dating apps have a great success rate, and you can easily send messages, video chat and even share virtual gifts. One of the nicest things about using dating apps in cities like Delhi is that you might have a high success rate.

We realised via trial and error that dating apps are quite excellent at locking down particular categories of individuals that you would like to meet. Instead of merely saying hi or hello, like most people do, you can distinguish out by sending and greeting people with a selection of gifs, humorous memes, and other fascinating features. Several of these apps also provide local events in Delhi, making it much easier to connect and hang out with new people.

Top 10 Best Dating Apps in Delhi

We took the time to examine all of the numerous dating platforms available in Delhi and ranked the best apps based on their filters, match-making skills, reviews, and other factors. You can learn more about them and why we believe these ten dating apps are the finest below.

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1) Hinge – Meet new people through your friends

Best Dating app in Delhi Hinge

Hinge is a famous dating app in Delhi. Its dating strategy is fantastic since, rather than trying to discover random individuals, it provides dating possibilities based on your relationships. It is a clear algorithm that produces excellent results. Furthermore, you may locate people who share your interests and are seeking serious partnerships or simply a fling.

Features That We Liked

  • The app is geared towards serious relationships and not hookups, hence the “designed to be deleted” moniker.
  • It is possible to arrange a video date, which may help you determine whether or not you like the individual.
  • They incorporate several methods for liking profiles and indicating your interest in someone.
  • Hinge provides an effective interaction of graphics and text while enabling you to be creative.
  • Hinge profiles are exceptional, very easy to browse and creative.

2) Bumble – The ideal dating app in Delhi for daring people

Best Dating Apps in Delhi Bumble

By daring people, we mean it’s always up to you to choose who you connect with. Bumble is one of the few dating apps in Delhi where both men and women can choose to break the ice. After you install the app and create a profile, you are recommended a few matches, but you are the one that needs to connect with them. When we trialled this app, we were amazed by the accuracy and quality of matches. We found from using this app that you get much better results, and you are not forced to match with a person unless you like them.

The challenge here is that once a match is made, you have 24 hours to connect with that person. Our research shows having a sense of urgency leads to some unexpected connections. It sets Bumble apart because it offers that edge over traditional dating tools. It breaks stereotypes while also giving you more control over the dating aspect.

Features That We Liked

  • You only have 24 hours to send a message to a potential match, so it’s very engaging and also delivers that much-needed sense of urgency.
  • Even if you don’t send a message to that person, you will eventually receive them as a re-match, but that can take a while.
  • Bumble lets you undo 3 swipes every 2 hours, so even as a free user you have great features, albeit limited at times.
  • It puts the ball in your court, requiring you to take initiative and start a conversation.
  • It’s an app that is suitable for both casual and serious relationships.

3) Aisle – South Asia’s top dating app

Best Dating Apps in Delhi Aisle

Aisle is one of the best dating apps in Delhi and South Asia for those that want a long, meaningful and exciting relationship. They offer you the ability to send virtual roses but also use a variety of pre-generated pickup lines if you’re shy or not sure how to break the ice. The overall design is professional, and Aisle does a very good job of removing most fake profiles.

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In doing so, the app is exceptional for more genuine dating and those that seek real, long-term relationships.

Features That We Liked

  • Aisle comes with an icebreaking feature that becomes essential if you’re not sure how to grab the attention of a person.
  • They curate the platform and remove any bots or fake profiles very often. That increases the chances of finding true love.
  • The application is geared towards those that want serious relationships and not just a random date.
  • You can block people that send spam or which don’t obey the rules.
  • Aisle offers you the ability to send virtual flowers.

4) Happn – Date by crossing paths with people in real life

Best Dating Apps In Delhi Happn

What’s very uncommon about Happn is its core concept. The app shows people you crossed paths with and never knew about. You will know if you have passed near someone before and how often. It takes the idea of finding a crush to actively falling in love with people that you have already met, or at least “sort of” met.

It’s one of the best dating apps in Delhi for longer-term relationships. Since it helps you find only Delhi locals, it’s helpful, especially if you’re into dating solely people from within the city.

Features That We Liked

  • The Star option creates special categories, thus allowing your matches to feel a great connection with you already.
  • Sending voice notes is simple and a great way for Happn to set itself apart from competitors.
  • Setting up video dates is very easy and it can help meet people virtually before going on a date.
  • It’s possible to see the people which liked your profile already and connect with them.
  • You can choose when and if your profile is invisible or who can see it.

5) QuackQuack – An app for quirky, fun and casual dating

Best Dating app in Delhi Quack Quack

As indicated by our tests, QuackQuack is a great dating app for people in Delhi, and it’s designed to help you focus on casual dating. It’s a very easy-to-use, empowering dating tool with great features. Their matching algorithm is great, and you can find lots of casual dates in no time. You can do video and audio calling too, but these are paid features.

Even without a paid membership, you can still verify your profile, add pictures, and connect with amazing people from all over Delhi and other regions.

Features That We Liked

  • You can see if people are online, which makes sending a message a lot easier, since you have an idea if they saw it or not.
  • It’s possible to verify your profile in order to show the profile is not fake, and that might lead to more matches down the line.
  • The matching algorithm is great since it helps you find casual or more serious dates based on your interests.
  • QuackQuack allows you to hide profiles details and show them only to specific people if you want.
  • They allow you to send personalized messages to other people.

6) Tinder – The original and highly effective dating app for Delhi residents

Dating Apps In Delhi Tinder

Tinder is one of the major dating apps in Delhi. It managed to change the game while bringing in a unique range of features. You have an outstanding performance, great ways to customize your profile, and minimal ads. On top of that, the entire swiping experience is seamless, and it helps implement a fun way to meet new people in Delhi.

Yes, it’s more geared towards casual dating, but there are a lot of couples who found each other on Tinder and got married.

Features That We Liked

  • It can help you find people with similar interests from all over Delhi, something that would be hard to do on your own.
  • The Tinder app has a photo verification system, so you know you’re dealing with a real profile.
  • They have a rewind system that makes it easy to go back and see a profile you skipped accidentally.
  • Super Likes can be sent once a month to people that feel like a great fit for you.
  • Tinder’s swiping system is legendary and one of the top dating features in the world.

7) Badoo – Great at finding people that share very similar interests

Dating Apps In Delhi Badoo

We found Badoo to be an amazing app for dating in Delhi, and what makes this app great is its verification system which makes it easier to find true connections with real people. They also have video chatting and even live streams that make it even easier to connect with others. Finding people that share your interests is really simple with the app, and you can easily focus solely on Delhi if you want, even if the app is international.

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That’s why it’s one of the best dating apps in Delhi since you can localize and customize without any hassle.

Features That We Liked

  • Badoo can help track locations and pair you with people that you crossed paths before without even knowing.
  • It has one of the top verification systems in the industry to help prevent bots or fake accounts.
  • If you want, you can add a video to your profile, so others can see you talking and not just via photos.
  • You can talk with potential matches and then send them video messages.
  • The interface is very modern, well-organized and suitable for premium dating.

8) Moco – An ideal way to find love via chatting

Best Dating app in Delhi Moco

Moco is a dating app that encourages you to connect with chat groups, enter chat rooms and initiate private chats. You may join chats depending on your personal interests, and another cool feature about this app is it’s also geared towards gamification, which should spice things up and make your conversation interesting.  

It’s a thorough, all-encompassing app with a smooth, modern layout that you will have no trouble using.

Features That We Liked

  • It is possible to access both public and private chatrooms depending on different interests.
  • Moco provides a highly contemporary, gamified dating experience.
  • You may completely edit your profile and show yourself the way you want.
  • The UI is extremely thorough, user-friendly, and professional.
  • There are no restrictions; you can meet thousands of individuals.

9) GoGaga – An exceptional Indian-made dating app

Dating app in Delhi GoGaga

When you begin using the app, you will have access to a variety of profiles that will meet your requirements and expectations. Although the app focuses on long-term partnerships, it may also be useful for casual dating. GoGaga performs a fantastic job of cleaning out bogus or automated profiles, curating its database, and improving the user experience.

Features That We Liked

  • The freemium version, which enables you to contact with a few individuals each day, is sufficient for the majority of users.
  • Referrals help empower the algorithm and deliver more accuracy.
  • While it begins with your personal network, it will also grow in response to your enquiry.
  • They only send you high-quality matches, so the emphasis is on quality rather than quantity.
  • The algorithm is based on your social network.

10) Coffee Meets Bagel – Great for casual dating

Best Dating app in Delhi Coffee Meets Bagel

While the app has been around for more than a decade, its primary goal and focus have stayed the same. It’s highly popular as its go-to for casual dating. This app caters to a younger audience. Yet you will find some older people on the app, too, looking for a fling or a short-term relationship.

Features That We Liked

  • Coffee Meets Bagel removes spam or fake profiles, which enhances the dating experience.
  • Privacy is a major concern, and you will see that from profile creation to login features.
  • You are free to share as much or as little as you want on your profile.
  • It builds off your friends list, which delivers more accuracy from its algorithm.
  • The app comes with a very modern design.


1) Which app is the best for dating in Delhi?

Tinder is very popular for casual dating, but Aisle is great for those that want a long-term relationship. And there are also apps like Hinge or Bumble that can give you access to both sides of the coin, thus fulfilling a larger variety of dating needs.

2) Is Tinder active in Delhi?

Yes, you can use Tinder in Delhi, and there are thousands of profiles to browse through. Most people using the platform are between 25 and 34 years old. However, you can find people over that age with a profile on Tinder too.

3) How to meet strangers in Delhi?

The safest way to do that is via these great dating apps in Delhi listed above. While you can go to a bar or try to connect with random people whenever you explore the city, that is risky. A dating app makes it easy to check their profile and learn more before inviting them out. That gives a huge advantage as you try to avoid scams.

4) How good is Bumble in Delhi?

Bumble, like many other major dating apps, has grown quite a lot in Delhi. Since it successfully blends casual and more serious dating, Bumble has become the go-to app for many dating enthusiasts within Delhi.

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