Tips To Improve Real Estate Projects Visibility With SEO For Real Estate Agents

Tips To Improve Real Estate Projects Visibility With SEO For Real Estate Agents

Real estate is tricky terrain. Besides being extremely competitive, success in this business requires a clever mix of impulse and understanding.

In the US, it is expected that the revenue in real estate will amount to US$369.90 Bn with an annual growth rate of 3.71% in 2022.

Presently, 70% of customers conduct thorough online research before making their purchases, and the top 5 organic results are responsible for 67.6% of all the inbound leads.

As most prospective buyers search online to find the most suitable home and property, the online visibility of realtors must remain at the top.

This is why an SEO-first marketing strategy flawlessly aligns with the real estate business.

How Could SEO Help The Real Estate Business?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It increases the quality and quantity of inbound website traffic diverted by search engines.

The better the SEO of a particular website, the more leads will generate and converted.

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, 44% of prospective home buyers use Google search to find properties.

In the real estate business, using a practical SEO approach to assist the ranking of the page and the marketing strategy can help brands show up more frequently whenever someone searches to buy and sell properties.

Therefore, using SEO could help realtors divert these leads to their websites and conduct business with lesser chances of not sealing the deal.

How Can Realtors Increase The Real Estate Leads

To stay ahead of the curve in a crowded industry like real estate, generating more organic leads is a surefire way to increase bottom-line growth.

According to SEMRush’s recent overview, realtors should follow these steps to increase the volume of bona fide inbound leads.

  • Focusing on Content Marketing

Content marketing can help realtors understand the difference between the audience and publishing unique content pieces that appeal to particular audience segments.

It will also help realtors to build community partnerships, creating brand value in the local community and the valuable opportunity to market their content using effective distribution channels, widening the scope of generating more leads.

  • Doubling down on Local SEO

Local SEO strategy helps businesses to be more visible in local search results on Google. Realtors can use local SEO to include specific location identifiers.

They can also embed a Google map, provide contact details and use Google Business Profile 2.0 to add images, respond to customers’ questions and reviews, etc.

  • Utilize updated Google tools

Agents can deploy Google tools and services like Keyword Panels, Featured Snippets and video carousels, etc., to increase their visibility on the search results.

  • Generate Reviews

The more customer reviews realtors receive, the more popular their brand will become, resulting in more organic leads.

  • Create Pleasing Media

Photos and videos are great vehicles of added visual presence in the search results. Professionally created graphic designs, short videos, and photos depicting unique aspects of a property can increase inbound leads.

  • Personalized Emails

Agents can also use email services tailored to the customers’ needs to keep their audience segment in the loop.

To cut down on the effort behind these tasks, realtors and real estate businesses can take help from unique tools like SEMRush Lead Finder.

SEMRush’s Lead Finder

SEMRush is an online SEO tool that automates several critical functions of the complex SEO process. The widely popular tool benefits digital marketers of all fields and industries to conduct thorough keyword research that customers are using, monitor the keyword strategy adopted by competitors, audit websites to find SEO issues, etc.

SEMRush’s Lead Finder is a specialized SEO service that helps businesses track local prospects, use website technologies, and, most importantly, location.


Harnessing technology and brand value is a reliable way to increase sales and generate more revenue. Modern tools and strategies can ease realtors’ pain points and benefit customers and agents.

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