I am proud to say Profero has just been on an exciting and challenging journey with FRANK. It started last June when we were tasked with a new digital campaign for COI. They wanted five key messages put out there for a demanding target-audience of 11-18 year olds. The mental effects of smoking cannabis, the anti-social aspects of smoking cannabis, the risk of taking pills, peer pressure and positioning FRANK as the expert for drug advice.

Late nights and greasy pizzas led to ten creative executions. COI loved them, and amazingly they sailed through research too. A few high-fives later and we had to find a way of producing them all within the budget constraints. This consisted of shooting seven live action executions in only three days, thanks to the help of production company Minds Eye.

Meanwhile Profero designers were busy crafting all kinds of visual treats: a roulette wheel for pills, a pinball machine with spliffs and space cakes and a top-of-the range cannabis hi-fi including the freaky tunes to play on it.

Also in the mix was a spoof wildlife documentary about a teenage house party – complete with a voiceover impersonating David Attenborough, quality!

It has already had great coverage on ‘BBC breakfast news’ and The Guardian….

Check them out for yourself.