If you think electronic holography, large-scale interactive visualisation techniques, and the I/O Bulb Luminous Room systems sound like things from a sci-fi film, that’s because they are. J​ohn Underkoffler ​was the man behind the gestural interface of Minority Report, and has also been science advisor to films including The Hulk, Aeon Flux, and Iron Man. John and his team at Oblong are currently working on Mezzanine; the digital workspace of the future.

John joined us as a speaker at CS Los Angeles. While we were in town we decided to swing by Oblong and take a look behind the scenes.

Look out for a CS Interview with John Underkoffler coming later this week.

“Mezzanine is a giant pixel space that lets multiple people work together in a kind of hyper visual collaborative environment and literally solve problems of a character at depths of complexity that you can’t get at any other way.” -J​ohn Underkoffler

Playing with pixels – John Underkoffler is the guy behind the Minority Report gestural UX interface, here it is in real life on a 40ft curved screen

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If you have never played with interactive 40ft screen screen, you haven’t lived