You Are What You Tweet – Creative Social vs Rubbishcorp

Create your own versions here. P.S. Look out for an exciting collaboration with Rubbishcorp coming to London very soon….

Our First Ever Creative Social

With our 14th Creative Social coming up next month in Vegas (so far we have done Amsterdam (twice), Antwerp, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Montreal, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sao Paolo, Shanghai and Stockholm) thought it would be fun to share the footage from our first ever CS on 26th November 2004 in Amsterdam:

First Ever Creative Social In Amsterdam from Creative Social on Vimeo.

How many faces do you recognise? And how well as Flo Heiss aged! …

Instacannelions In 36 hours

On Tuesday we launched Instacanneslions, a nice neat way to bring Cannes to life in photos. Although nice to get another CS initiative under the belt (along with Gutterbarometer), the most satisfying thing for me was that this project really brought to life some of the ideals I have been speaking about as a Hyper Island Masterclass speaker – collaboration, agility and building on the work of others. The way it came about is as follows: Late Sunday night (18 June) James Cooper (@koopstakov) shared a neat…

The Internet, Used to be Fun. What happened?

Last month, five of our finest UK Socials came together to discuss their individual views on this subject ranging from virals from the early days of the Internet, to how Google’s algorythms are adding to the world of crap, to the Dark side, and how to resist it.

Booze was kindly provided for by Propel London (thanks guys) and the result looked a bit like this (thanks Ed for kindly putting the video together for us):

The Internet Used to be Fun. What happened? from Creative Social on Vimeo.

We really hope that…

Creative Social To Be Part Of Cannt

We are delighted to be part of Cannt – an initiative by Laura Jay Bee and those fine folks at LBi (well done for getting this organised). While some of us will be sunning ourselves in Cannes, this festival give those who are stuck in raining London to be inspired and to add to the collective energy that Cannes inspires. Ed Robinson, founder of the Viral Factory, has kindly put on his Creative Social shoes and leapt in at the last minute to organise Cannt-fessions, alongside…