Following our first major open event last year in London, we have decided to do something even more fun next month. Tickets can be bought here (note there is a limited number of free tickets for students). Also note that while there is a small charge of £15 (£25 if you want a CS book), our kind friends at Propel London are sponsoring a limited bar so everyone should also get a few free drinks. Anyway full details below. Hope to see you there.

The Internet Used to be Fun, What Happened?

The digital revolution offered a whole new arena for us to create stimulating, interactive, big smile, Fun. LOL.

Is the Internet still giving us laughs? Come and join members of Creative Social who will be discussing their individual views on this subject ranging from virals from the early days of the Internet, to how Google’s algorythms are adding to the world of crap, to the Dark side, and how to resist it, from a collection of the UK’s finest Socials:

Andy Sandoz, Creative Partner and Innovation Director, Work Club

Flo Heiss, Creative Partner, Dare – London

Laura Jordan Bambach, Executive Creative Director, Lost Boys International – London

Sam Ball, Creative Partner, Lean Mean Fighting Machine

Nathan Cooper, Creative Director, Anomaly

Chris Clarke, Chief Creative Officer, Lost Boys International – London

Whose Url is it anyway?

Make sure you also stick around after for the world premier of “Whose URL Is It Anyway”. A serious attempt to put the fun back into the http.


Imagine an open mic improv night, only that there is no mic, but a computer, a projector and the entire web at your disposal.

Have you ever listened to ScottMc Kenzie whilst walking down Lombard Street on Google maps mixed with an animated gif? Have you ever mashed Susan Boyle, Sonic Youth and LOL cats? Live? Have a go if you are brave enough. There are only two simple rules:

1. Do it live, no bookmarking

2. Keep it SFW

Sponsored bar from Propel London

There will also be a limited sponsored bar, courtesy of those kind folks at Propel London. Thanks for the support.