CS Paris, as sponsored by our friends at Microsoft Advertising, is starting tomorrow and I am delighted to announce the line up of speakers. We will be tweeting throughout the event from @creativesocial, you can follow the hashtag #csparis and or you can go to the dedicated tweetwall, courtesy of ultraknowledge (thanks Andy). Anyway here they are:

  • Zevs

Zevs is a French artist and his liquidated logos series transform the brands we manipulate today to sheer beauty. They can also get him into trouble. Look here to see why. Electric shadows, visual attacks, liquidated logos. Zevs truly works the street and it might not be smart or polite to blog his face.

  • Abdel Bounane

Bringing nerd into lifestyle and lifestyle into nerd, Abdel Bounane is founder of Amusement – the acclaimed video game magazine. Rubbishcorp where are you? A recognized gaming expert and critique, Abdel will take us through his magazine, what’s catching his attention & his RFID magazine edition uniting on and offline.

  • David Mallet

If it’s all about self-expression then hair is the heart of it and this is David Mallet’s craft. Discreetly shaping silhouettes from his Ostrich bound Parisien salon to defining our time worldwide through the fashion houses. We are honoured to welcome David. Check out some of his work here.

  • Mark Earls

It’s Mark Earls, the Herdmeister. Author of critically acclaimed HERD (Wiley 2007), Mark helps people & organizations come to terms with our social or HERD nature with the connected nature of the world in which we now live. “Like Malcolm Gladwell on Speed” (the Guardian), Earls is a live escapee of big roles in the ad industry where he continues to have significant influence. Check his blog.

  • Jeremie Rozan

You’ll know the video clips, you might have a t-shirt, it’s possible you’ve partied with them. Surface To Air the full service creative love fest of fashion, photography, music, film & design is headed up by our guest Jeremie Rozan. A true Renaissance man, he’s also one part of the directing duo, with family member Martial Schmeltz, of We Are Your Friends fame. Jeremie’s going to give us an insight on what he’s up to and which hat he wears when.