YunoJuno – Freelance recruitment 2.0

I have often wondered how the freelance recruitment process has remained unchanged, and unchallenged, for so long. How it seems completely impervious to the shifting shape and demands of the industry; particularly in the “digital age”, when agencies, clients and freelancers demand a greater autonomy and fluidity. I mean, we have never moved on from: you need freelancer, you call a guy, the guy sends you a list from his database, you pick a guy, and then you pay a very handsome price to the other guy for the privilege. And the freelancer may or may not be what you were looking for. It all depends on the quality of that guy’s list.

I think that most people have got first-hand horror stories of the process disintegrating into some sort of low-budget slasher movie in which no-one comes out alive…except the recruiter.

So, it was with great interest that I recently heard about YunoJuno

…a little startup by a bunch of guys looking to reshape the way we work – or as they lovingly describe it: “swing a sharp angry machete through the freelancing recruitment landscape”.

First off, and perhaps most significantly, they’re not recruiters. They’re from the other side of the equation. A creative head (The Doodler); a tech director (The Geek); and a finance director (Mr Numbers). And they have each experienced those familiar frustrations with the current, antique process down the years. The slasher movie carnage.

But if they are not from recruitment then what do they know about recruitment? Well it’s not essential to be an apple grower to know good apples. You just have to eat them. Often. And, shaky analogies aside, these guys have seen enough recruitment failures firsthand to know that things need to change.

And they see their difference as being to their advantage. What their CV’s show is that they know more than a thing or two about delivering great creative and tech experiences; along with an acute financial acumen. Specifically within creative agencies. I think this is incredibly refreshing.

When you meet the three, the first thing that strikes you is their infectious enthusiasm to build something worthwhile. They’re not looking to create a mass market conduit, but more of a service/ product/business that connects their family of the best freelancers in the business with their family of the best creative and tech shops around. And the concept of family is hugely important to them – that sense of belonging, of trusted familiarity and cohesion. A shared ambition to help one another to be the best they can be.

All a little evangelical? Utopian? Maybe. But if someone doesn’t challenge the status quo, aiming for something healthier, more collective, something that is just more motivating, then we’ll just all have to accept that things will never improve.

Phase 1 of YunoJuno has just launched – freelancer registration. Get in there now to secure your invite to the exclusive network.

Phase 2 is launching imminently with a select group agencies and even these are filling fast.

Go check them out, or better still, have a pint with them and you’ll soon see what I mean about their infectious enthusiasm to solve a very modern problem.


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