Why 2015 is the Year of the Smart Home

The tech world has gotten pretty good at pumping out smart phone after smart phone after tablet after smart phone after tablet… Naturally, the next step would be to integrate this type of internet-connected innovation into the home. Smart appliances have been introduced, initial kinks have been worked out and the technology industry is ready to push a new easy-living lifestyle, which is why 2015 is going to be the year of the smart home.

Digitalizing the household has always been a thing of the 21st century but we’ve finally hit a point where true integration of home appliances and smart technology come to full fruition. At January’s CES in Las Vegas, the largest trade show for consumer electronics, smart-home technology was a huge trend and it was apparent that major steps are being taken towards the “Internet of Things” — the concept that ultimately people and devices will all be connected to each other via access to the Internet. And this all-encompassing connectivity is starting with the smart home.

The consumer space is beginning to experience a heavy emergence of affordable smart appliances such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, security systems, entertainment centers and gardening equipment. Keeping together a household will be simpler than ever with these robotized, automated and energy efficient technologies that can be controlled remotely from a connecting smart device like a smart phone or tablet. According to the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) home technology installations are increasing and people are getting their hands on the latest home technology hitting the market. Projections show 44% of consumers expressed interest in owning wireless multi-room audio products – a prime example of a stat that indicates the popularizing importance homeowners are placing on the implementation of connected devices within the home.

Big tech innovators LG, Apple and Samsung are prepped and ready to give the customers what they want. Samsung’s smart-home technology has been integral to pioneering a smart revolution and pushing the path towards the Internet of Things — it recently acquired SmartThings technology, a smart-home automation hub that connects a multitude of internet-enable devices from locks and entertainment systems to kitchen appliances, and allows users to control it all via one app/device. To add, the company also pledged to spend $100 million in continuing development of an open framework where connected devices – cars, fitness trackers and home appliances alike, can communicate in the same realm. These bold moves point in the direction of the bigger picture for overall connectivity.

It’s apparent 2015 will be a big year for smart home technologies. Consumers should prepare for innovation at its best and look out for fresh inventions like the Invoxia Triby, a communications system that can be used by all members of the household. The modernized speaker takes calls and streams music from the phone, links to crucial numbers (like Mom’s) so calls can be made easily with the push of a button and furthermore, the corresponding Triby app let’s mobile users send hand written notes on their mobile device to be displayed on the e-Ink screen. Home life is about to become a breeze. With more connectivity comes more power and control over the house. Living at home will consist of remotely regulating the thermostat from work and starting a load of laundry while you’re out running errands or at the kid’s soccer game. The smart home will change your life and the change has arrived.

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