WhiteHat Jr. Review 2021

WhiteHat Jr Review 2022 | Honest Parents & Students Opinions !!

Are you looking for WhiteHat Jr Review? We have reviewed in detail the White Hat Junior Coding Classes by collecting feedback from parents and students !! Read this WhiteHat Jr Parents review before you join the White Hat Junior course !!

A bright future for kids can begin right at an early age! Try WhiteHat Jr to help your kids embrace a great career.  

If your kids are good at coding and you aspire to a bright career in the IT industry, you should go in for WhiteHat Jr. (Live online coding classes for kids). You may have already come across various platforms advertising WhiteHat Jr. coding for kids aged between 6-14 years. Whether you are impressed or not, the claims made by these online coding classes for kids definitely work.

This WhiteHat Jr. review presented here incorporates all ins and outs of this online coding class for kids. It entails answers to a few commonly asked queries that you may have in mind.

What Is WhiteHat Jr.? WhiteHat Jr Parents Review !!

You already have a guess of it. Yes! WhiteHat Jr. is a Live online coding class that prepares young kids to enter the coding world. In this online platform, kids between the ages of 6-14 learn the fundamentals of coding, the logic behind coding, sequence, and algorithm to create outcomes like useful apps and animations, online games, etc.

Mumbai-based startup Karan Bajaj started this endeavor with much enthusiasm in 2018. It helps the student learn to program and excel in the future. The top rank holder gets awarded by WhiteHat Jr. with an opportunity to visit Silicon Valley, US.

A Quick History Of WhiteHat Jr India!

WhiteHat Jr. is a grooming platform for aspiring technopreneurs who want to be creative and innovative online. The startup works with a live one is to one online teaching format. It has a thoroughly researched curriculum with subjects ranging from the data structure to game and app development to machine learning programs and space technology.

This online coding teaching platform started in December 2018, and by 2019, the organization was engaged with teaching about 20000 students and had 300 teachers. 1,000 classes are conducted each day. In the year 2020, the organization is reported to have over 40,000 students. On 7th August, WhiteHat Jr was acquired by BYJU’S for $300 million.

Why WhiteHat Jr. For Your Kids? Is WhiteHat JR Genuine?


How are Classes Conducted by WhiteHat Jr Review

Whether your kid wants to make a career in IT or inclines toward the world of tech and coding courses. It offers a wide range of online coding courses that help children understand the underlying basics of coding with ease and help them be technically creative.

The 1:1 online classes are enjoyable and conducted by highly qualified IIT graduates that have mastered coding. Your kids get to learn to code easily and apply it in different ways. You can choose to book a free trial and see your kids learning to code like a cakewalk. The classes are taken by certified experts of, well-trained early childhood coding experts to help kids as young as 6 years understand the basics.

What Do They Teach In WhiteHat Jr.? 

The entire course of WhiteHat Jr. is broken up into beginner, intermediate and advanced and can be taken up by kids as per their age. The classes are designed for young kids and early teenagers; every possible effort is made to make them comprehensive. Primarily, your kids would learn the following:

  • Essentials of coding: Structure, logic, and sequence
  • How to create websites, animations & apps
  • How to manipulate data with the help of programming languages
  • Understand how technology converse actually

Online courses offered by WhiteHat Jr. are meant to improve coding in future-oriented and selected languages. Online facilitators align digital literacy with coding classes. The course curriculum of WhiteHat Jr. is prepared by industry experts and certified teachers who design state-of-the-art curricula meticulously for easy understanding.

Does WhiteHat Jr. Help Kids Excel In Studies? 

WhiteHat Jr. does not only enable your kids to learn to code and make apps only. It is helpful in many other ways. Your kids learn loops, sequences, commands, and conditions, strengthening their logical and technical skills. As a result, they begin to fare better in Mathematics.

Also, your children learn things like decomposition, abstraction, and recognization of patterns, algorithmic thinking, which a necessary Mathematical skill is. Hence with WhiteHat Jr., you can expect your kids to get better Mathematics scores. Also, kids use analytical skills and codes persistently, improving their power to reason and building up their confidence. When your child joins these classes, you can expect the right side of their brain to work more efficiently, which means better reasoning and better analytical power.

What Type Of Coding Is Taught In WhiteHat Jr.?

WhiteHat Jr. came into being with the mission of empowering the entire generation to become creators of technology. In these live teaching of coding for kids, teachers impart classes for logic, structure, sequence, and algorithmic thinking that enable kids to be creative and come up with apps, online games, animations, etc., to feel like achievers right from an early age.

Is WhiteHat Jr. Free? What Are The Fees Of WhiteHat Jr?

No. Your kids can go in for free trial classes, after which they have to pay. To join the class, your kids need to sign-up for free. After this, they have to go for a paid subscription that ranges from 600Rs to 750 Rs per class.

This startup claims that the conversion rates from free trials to paid ones are the highest in the Edtech industry worldwide. Currently, the platform is available for kids in grades 1-9, and the course fee ranges from Rs 4,999 to Rs19,999 Rs. Kids learn commands, sequence, structure, logic, and algorithm thinking for creating animations, apps, and complex online games.

How Are Classes Conducted By WhiteHat Jr. Are Classes Online?

Classes are conducted live in a 1:1 session with your kids. If you are convinced enough with it, you can download WhiteHat Jr. App, make your kids signup, take a free trial class, and if satisfied, you can continue with the paid subscription.

What Is Code WhiteHat Jr?

  • WhiteHat Jr. has a structured curriculum designed by Industry experts specialized in teaching young minds. It starts with a beginner level, gets up to the intermediate level, moves to the expert, and ends with the advanced level.
  • The course curriculum consists of data structures, loop formations, machine learning, game development, and space technology.
  • They conduct one-to-one sessions, and certificates are given lifetime access.
  • Top scorers are given an opportunity to visit Silicon Valley.
  • The curriculum is set by industry experts from MIT and IITB. These experts know the value of coding and design the course meticulously according to your kids’ needs.

What Is The Course Curriculum? WhiteHat Jr. Courses Review 2020 !!

As mentioned, WhiteHat Jr. is meant for young kids and teens, and Live video classes are conducted in the comfort of your homes. Industry experts who teach here take every possible care to craft the courses meticulously, taking care of everything.


  • Learn commands, functions, conditions
  • Building puzzles, games, and online apps

This is a Grade 1 class to train young brains.


  • Learn algorithms, events, and abstractions
  • Building animations and characters

Grade 2-3 for growing kids


  • Learn robotics, UI design, and variables
  • Build commercial-ready animations and apps

Grade levels 4-6


  • Learn algorithms, sprites, and artificial intelligence
  • Build entrepreneur-ready games and apps

Grade 7-9

Applied Tech:

At the advanced level, learn Life-tech, Applications in space-tech, artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, applications in space-tech, life-tech, simulation, and more.

Are There Any Special Programs That White Hat Jr. Conducts? 

WhiteHat Jr. is a kids and teens grooming platform that prepares students who want to be young tech creators. It conducts several in-house programs like Fellow 15 Under 15 and Silicon Valley Challenge. Winners of this challenge also get a chance to visit Googleplex and interact with the Waymo facility to experience driverless cars and interact with the product managers.

With the Fellow 15 under 15 programs, WhiteHat Jr. assists the top 15 kids on this platform to begin their startups and provides a $1500 fellowship.

*WhiteHat Jr. has got LinkedIn Top Startups 2019 and came to be known as “25 hottest Indian companies to work for now.” In August 2020, WhiteHat Jr was acquired by a Bengaluru-based Ed-tech firm Byju for $300 million in cash.

Is Teaching Coding To A 6-Year-Old Seems Impossible?

No, it is not. With WhiteHat Jr., a 6-year-old child can quickly learn coding like a child’s play. It is just dragging and dropping codes for the toddlers. They not only learn to code, but their brain begins to develop at a much faster rate. Right from a young age, they begin to analyze and evaluate. This speeds up their mental ability and helps them focus better.

Will White Hat Junior Training Be Included In School’s Curriculum?

WhiteHat Jr Parents Review

WhiteHatJr is meant not only to include live coding classes for toddlers and teens. It plans to bring its Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to the school’s curriculum taught nationwide. WhiteHat Jr. is working for kids over the age of 14, and it will be launched in the coming months.

More and more schools these days are putting in efforts to introduce technology in their curriculum for the students to learn better. Right from the beginning, they get to learn emerging technologies like Machine learning, robotics, AI, and space tech into the learning models. The company has expansion plans and wants to capture several international markets, which means kids worldwide would be able to enjoy and learn coding easily with WhiteHat Jr.

Is WhiteHat Jr Reviews Legit? Or Is It Just Hype! 

Many people are apprehensive about WhiteHat Jr. being legit. WhiteHat Jr. coding classes are legit, and it is indeed one of the top companies offering your kids an excellent online platform to learn coding easily by the experts. To get your kid started with WhiteHat Jr., All you need to have is a desktop/laptop and a high-speed internet connection.

Every unattended class is paid back. So you need not worry you will get the best value for every penny you pay.

How do They teach in WhiteHat Jr.? Are the Teaching Staff Qualified Enough?

Since all the teachers working here are industry experts who know how to train young minds, you can expect them to begin with the easiest and simplest way that your kids would have absolute fun. When young kids like that of age 6-7 begin their classes, they do not have to do much. You can expect the easy-going image-based method for the initial classes wherein your kids do not have to write any code.

Codes are already available; all they need to just drag them and drop the code. It is the simplest way to introduce coding into the minds of kids. Textual base coding is not there in the initial classes, which can prove to be a little discomforting to the kids who are aware of text-based coding. Coding classes are game-based, and a point system is there to encourage learners to attempt.

Is WhiteHat Jr. Really Impressive? What are Their USPs? 

There are plenty of reasons compelling enough to opt for WhiteHat Jr. It is a clear-cut winner for teaching coding to kids.

  • Since classes are 1:1, your kid gets the full attention as only one kid is in the class at a time.
  • Design classes to support the learning potential of your kids. If they are younger, they will need more time and patience.
  • A relationship manager is provided to all who can be consulted for any kind of issues or challenges.

You will need high-speed Internet for WhiteHat Jr. classes (The minimum speed required is 15 Mbps)

Pros of WhiteHat Jr. For Kids:

WhiteHat Jr, with its first structured coding curriculum, helps kids learn logic, structure, sequence, and algorithmic thinking to create apps and animations. It would be no exaggeration to say that there is no better place to learn coding than WhiteHat Jr. Given here are certain pros of White Hat Jr that make it better than the others.

  • One of the best startups in India and focused primarily on kid coding.
  • It is a live 1:1 platform. Students can clear their doubts instantly with the online tutors and relationship managers available to them.
  • Interactive and dynamic learning platform.
  • Comprehensive and lucid course curriculum on several topics like AI Machine learning, deep learning, Robotics, and more.
  • Grade-wise segregation of curriculum is based on kids’ knowledge, skills, and capabilities.
  • Highly qualified IIT/IB trained curriculum creators that have mastered teaching young kids.
  • Top certified professionals work here.
  • The target is to build a strong foundation of coding knowledge right at the beginning stage.
  • The main focus of WhiteHat Jr. is to develop Apps, UX/UI environment, and Space Technology.
  • By joining this live online training of coding for Kids, you can surely get 75%+ logic improvement, design thinking mastery, increase in confidence and strength.
  • Live online classes are conducted right from the comfort of your home with a flexible schedule.
  • They also give projects and assignments to get a knack for the skills that kids acquire in their day-to-day lives.
  • They conduct free doubt-clearing sessions, which should not be missed.
  • Courses are available at very affordable rates, and if you miss some classes, they will also reimburse the full fee of that class.

Some more benefits of White Hat Jr are:

  • A free trial of classes is available to see whether you are comfortable enough.
  • Personal tutoring from teachers that are trained by illustrious organizations like Google, Intel & Microsoft, etc.
  • Your Kids get WhiteHat Jr. Coding fundamentals certification.
  • They can access WhiteHat Jr. Community with more than 10 lac coders on the board.
  • Mentorship chance with Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists.
  • Curriculum set by alumni of MIT and IIT.

WhiteHat Jr. Mission:

WhiteHat Jr.’s mission is to empower the coming generation to become the creator of technology rather than just consumers. The company is head-on for teaching kids the basics of coding and enabling them to develop super-creative outcomes like useful apps, animations, online games, etc.

Advice For Parents before Joining WhiteHat Junior:

WhiteHat Jr is receiving positive reviews from those who have used it. It works perfectly for them, and they do not face any issues regarding the security and safety of this platform. So, the best piece of advice for the parents is to try it once. If their kids show interest in learning computer languages or programming, they must go for it. Trial classes are all free of cost.

Final Verdict:

With so many comforts at just one junction, WhiteHat Jr. is a clear-cut winner in the market, and its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. The course is not just for helping your child learn to code and helping them learn how to make animations, apps, etc. The course strengthens the creativity of the children also and gives wings to their imagination.

Using WhiteHat Jr. is a very big and good opportunity for your kids as it improves logic, and enhances your kid’s creativity and innovation power. WhiteHat Jr. is the best coding concept tutor available online.

Recommendation For Parents:

Are you longing to help your kids stay focused and want to improve their creativity so that they excel and have a secure future? If yes, then WhiteHat Jr. is the name to trust on. However, it would be best to consider whether your kids are interested in the trial classes and like the format they offer. More importantly, if your kid is not inclined towards coding and computer languages and looks at them as a problem, it is not their area of interest, then WhiteHat Jr. is not meant for them.

But, if your kids love coding and want to make a future in it, we highly recommend WhiteHat Jr. Overall, it is a great live coding teaching class for kids and highly recommended for tech enthusiasts.

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