I thought ya’ll might want to see something we have been working on here at Another Anomaly. It wouldn’t be an Anomaly project if it wasn’t completely bonkers in some shape or form, so I give you V Factory, the next big Boy Band! (SCREAM! SCREAM!)

We are currently working with Warner Brothers to help launch the boys in a new and interesting way. All the evidence would seem to point that Boy Bands are going to be big again. For anyone in the US witness The Jonas Brothers. Without going into too much confidential detail the more revenue the band makes the more money we make. A perfect incentive to do some great work.

Early signs are good. The girls love them. We had a party for some of the die-hard fans in the office here a few weeks back and we also brokered a deal for them to play at Madison Square Garden (every band’s dream) and the Arthur Ashe stadium in Queens (venue for the US Open Tennis). They don’t have an album out yet so there is not much press about them – apart from in the teen and gossip magazines as one of the boys is going out with Ashley Tisdale, star of Disney’s High School Musical. But we aim to change that. Is it going to work, who knows? But we’ll have fun working it out and as Lou Pearlman (Boy Band Guru – now in Jail!) charmingly said, ‘I’ll tell you the day Boy Bands no longer exist – it’s the day God stops making teenage girls.’