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Top 10 digital innovations of the last decade

Celebrating our tenth birthday last week (which we did in fine style with many of our fellows, check out the photos here), it seemed like a good time to reflect on what have been the key digital innovations of the last ten years. But what do we mean by innovation – for this post we are going to use the definition of ‘Finding new and better ways to solve business problems or open up new opportunities’. I think the examples that the Socials have given below have done that in spades and I find it very hard to imagine a world without one of these right now (the Apple iWatch perhaps being an exception but that’s probably only because I have not worn one yet.

Irrespective do let us know whether you agree? What digital innovation would you most miss if it no longer existed? 

Google Maps

“Just the other day I was trying to remeber life before Google Maps. You’d have a map in the car. You’d have no idea how long it would take to get somewhere. Traffic was a surprise. Cities were a mystery. Now the world is our lobster.”

George Prest, ECD, R/GA London

“Although not a product launch from the last decade I have included Google Earth/Maps as it is my favorate ad of all time. And, it’s constant mutation and development, means that the majority of what you see now was pushed in the last decade (so techincally it’s in the rules;). The reason it’s my favourite piece of advertising ever is that no one sees it as advertising and they willfully interact with everyday. And, more importantly, I am still in awe of the idea that Google took the thing we live on, the biggest most incredible thig we know and put it in my pocket. They put all of it in my pocket. That’s a pretty bold statement of power for a global corporation… ”

Nathan Cooper. rubbishcorp® Limited


“Crowd funding was first invented as a term in August 2006. However it was not until Kickstarter appeared just nearly 3 years later, that we really see the power of crowdfunding at a mass media level and so far it has led to over 73,000 new projects coming to market and raised over $1.3bn. There is so much to love about the platform. Firstly it is intriguing to understand the psychology of the rewards and some of the things people have created are fantastic – from [ ] to [ ] to [ ]. I also love the social sharing aspect. I have now invested in over 10 Kickstarter projects and every single one of them came from seeing what one of my friends invested in (fortunately I have met connected with some very smart people over my lifetime). Finally the process of following a product you have invested in through the trials and tribulations of getting from prototype to mass market is fascinating and the learning you get is often as valuable as the product itself. ”

Daniele Fiandaca, Founder, Mutant


“Uber defies a clear definition of the business it is in. This makes it impossible to categorize and regulate. Uber describes itself as a software company for shipping and logistics. Together with AirBnB and other digital marketplace businesses, Uber creates a new economic landscape that escapes the established industry categories.”

Ana Andjelic, Group Strategy Director, Spring Studios

App Store

“Opening up smart phones as a creative market place and thereby fuelling countless new revenue streams and importantly innovation upon innovation.”

Andy Sandoz, Creative Partner, Work Club


Vodafone – The Evolution of Mobile from Marshmallow Laser Feast on Vimeo.

“The smartphone. Because it makes technology ubiquitous, and turns anyone into a superhuman. Cyborgs are everywhere. We simply don’t look like Robocop.”

Edu Pou, ECD, Barbarian Group

The Apple iWatch

“I think it will change the market for wearable tech, create new ones and potentially shift the way we communicate.”

Pete Petrella, Founder Black Book London

Nike +

“Although it feels dated now it was the start of physical meets digital, the connected world and the evolution of technology into what would become wearables.”

Tom Evans, founder, Bleepbleeps


“As a social network it’s so quick and so right for the attention deficit generation that we have now. I think Twitter is the coverstaion, it’s where the converation is happening. Also, the ubiquitous hashtag came from Twitter and it’s everywhere now.”

Seb Royce, Chief Creative Officer, Rockabox


“I know – the interface is getting crappier with every update, but iTunes changed and saved the music industry. Without iTunes they would be dead already – and it inspired artists to think about new ways of distributing their product (and not having to sell their souls to the labels…)”

Tobias Gärtner, MD Plan.Net Suisse 

Social media 

“I’m not sure if it’s the best one, but as far as impact on society it wins without a doubt. Selfies are very important.”

Bo Hellberg, Executive Creative Director, Brave, HeyHuman

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