Tictail – the Tumblr of e-commerce

Tictail let’s you start a beautiful online store and be ready to sell in just a few minutes. With Tictail you can either select one of the many templates offered through the service or create your own design.

“I used to work as a brand consultant, being part of building amongst other things spotify.com. When it came to building an online store – for either a client or a friend, all the solutions out there were either really complicated or super expensive, most of the times both…” says Carl Waldekranz, one of the founders and the CEO of the company.

Tictail is free to use and will feature an app system, much like the one for the iPhone for which you will be able to build and use application to create a great e-commerce experience.

“We believe that the best way to market a service company such as ours is to build the best product and offer it at the best price”

Here’s one we made earlier; the new show shop from Laser3.14 –  letmeknowtherules.com

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