Thoughts from Socials at Cannes

I know it’s been a couple of week’s since Cannes and much has been written about this year’s Festival of Creativity but thought it would be worth collecting some thoughts from some of the Socials that were in Cannes. Socials who contributed are:

Bo Hellberg, Executive Creative Director at megalo & company
Bridget Jung, SVP, Chief Creative Officer Digitas Paris
Graham Fink, Chief Creative Officer Ogilvy China
Ian Kerrigan, Executive Creative Director at Gyro
James Cooper, Co-Founder at Thompson Punke
Kevin Lynch, Executive Creative Director at BBDO, Chicago
Mauro Cavaletti, Chief Integration Officer at Group JWT
Natalie Lam, Executive Creative Director, McCann Erickson

Hope you find it useful:

What was your highlight of Cannes 2012?

BH: At the risk of pissing off almighty DJ Koopstakov and his Balearic and
Baloney, think it was Tom’s table at the Carlton.
BJ: No real single moment. Cannes always makes me think that we’re lucky to have jobs where we get to go to the beach, see great work and meet interesting people.
GF: Winning the Grand Prix for the Coke ‘HANDS’Poster. But mainly because of the whole story behind it. ie. hunting down Jonathan Mak the 19 year old designer who did the Steve Jobs apple tribute and working with him on his first ever ad. Thus leading to J Mak becomes the youngest ever winner of a Grand Prix.
IK: Bill Clinton
JC: I had a few actually. I thought it was going to be crap but had a great time. Starting with winning a Gold Lion in mobile for Band Aid, followed by hosting the Balearic or Baloney party on Wednesday – which someone described as ‘The new Gutter Bar’, a boat trip to the amazing Club 55 on St Tropez beach, DJ-ing barefoot at the Google Beach on Friday and finishing off with Help Remedies, a company I invested in a while back, picking up the first ever Grand Prix for Good. So, I can’t complain.
KL: Would it be cheating to say the Creative Social lunch? It’s like a distilled version of Cannes overall: Smarter, funnier, and more inspirational.
MC: Rob Reilly getting distracted on stage.

What was your favourite seminar?

BH: Independent agency showcase. Great work I haven’t seen before from
Prime and El Laboratorio. With no intention to selling to WPP, rather
the blessings of staying independent.
BJ: Unfortunately I didn’t get to many seminars this year so hard to answer. I think Cannes needs to find a way to deal with the increase in number of people and yet the same facilities. The queues for the seminars are crazy. I’d love it if they brought a SXSW logic to the seminars. Agency seminars although interesting get into a pitch mode. I’d love it if there was perhaps more open discussion on some of the big challenges and opportunities this industry is facing.
GF: Alain de Botton
IK: Bill Clinton
JC: I didn’t go to any of them. Probably another reason I can’t complain.
KL: The Kraft seminar. It served as proof of just how far some marketers have come creatively.
MC: Bill Clinton: I love big political personalities calling advertisers on responsibilities.
NL: The PHD session with the guy who wrote eatbigfish on challenger brands

What was your favourite piece of work?

BH: El Laboratiorio’s work for B-Win “Juegate tu estado de facebook
BJ: Tough one. Not suprising but I love Nike Fuel – a true demonstration of how advertising can go way beyond messaging.

Otherwise – I loved the idea behind “help i want to save a life”. We see more and more behavioural economics coming into play in advertising

I was disappointed that Little Marina didn’t do better than bronze. It had all the right ingredients for me

IK: American Express Small Business

JC: The Help Remedies bone marrow donation piece that won the Grand Prix for good – see above. Although I had nothing to do with the idea it’s fantastic to be involved with a company that is truly committed to creativity.

KL: I adore the Monteith’s “Sorry about the twigs, folks.” And I adore the clients for buying it.

Sorry About the Twigs Folks from James Tucker on Vimeo.

GF & MC: The Bear. I loved it at the first time I saw it, and I still do.

NL: Solar energy powered annual report

What would you flag as the most interesting trend?

BH: Hire 19-year olds from Beijing to win a Grand Prix.
BJ: At Cannes this year we see a lot of big brands winning with big business changing ideas (Nike, Amex, Google, coke) rather than the lesser known brands winning for unknown campaigns in exotic markets. Even Cannes (which is often a year or two late) is recognizing brands that shift away from pure messaging to doing thing for and with people. This is the theme that I covered in the presentation I wrote on “the Generous age of Advertising”.
GF: The case study films becoming better than the ads they portray.
IK: Work that works. Starting to see really smart channel innovation trumping creativity. Still love the phrase; “if you’re not innovative you’re expensive”.
JC: Professionally: product ideas winning awards more than advertising. Personally: the more I stayed away from the Carlton the happier I became.
KL: Technology is now more often tied to an actual, relevant idea. Austria Solar’s solar powered annual report was a perfect example: A great technology that was totally right for the client.
MC: Brands flirting openly with doing good?
SL: After Nike, Uniqlo, IKEA, there isn’t one dominating big brand winning everything this year, will be interesting to see who comes next

What do you expect to see next year?

BH: A robot winning the Grand Prix.
BJ: Hopefully cyber will change it’s name. I also hope brand content becomes brand content and not brandedcontent (which in its first year the title already seemed out dated).
Overall I think we’ll see more examples of brands going beyond messaging and doing things for and with people. Whether it be great experiences, exclusive content, dollars off promotions, social currency or other – this is how brands will earn attention rather than just making ads and buying media.
GF: Even more clients attending.
IK: More of the progression towards media being the dominating influence on a brief, on innovation being more interesting than creativity. Personally I think they need to create a brand innovation category.
JC: More balearic, less baloney.
KL: Next year, we’ll finally shift from needing a case study video to explain the story to just creating simpler stories.
MC: Huge transformation.
NL All the excess of Cannes finally put to good use – save a sinking economy by moving it to Greece. Introducing the Kos Lions

Thanks to all the Socials for their input. See you again at the CS Cannes lunch in 2013 (if we don’t see you at SXSW first)

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