The Little Giant Squid

Anyone who was at Global Inspiration Day was privy to a sneak preview of this. A new CS feature is By Day By Night where we explore projects that people fit around their working lives, and what better way to start than with a project by two socials that was born at a CS Global event.


The Little Giant Squid is the first digital literary lovechild of James Cooper (Tool) and Flo Heiss (Dare). With these guys putting their heads together the results were always going to involve squids and table tennis (check out James’s ping pong fashion label Thompson Punke). What they have created is a really beautifully crafted children’s iPad book, James told us a bit more about the journey that they’ve been on with the project:


“We were at the Creative Social in San Francisco and one of the events was a trip out to Pixar. The day before Bard Bird – the writer director of  Ratatouille and The Incredibles – had spoken to us about film making so were definitely in that awe struck zone. Which is what Creative Social is all about. 

After a guided tour we were left to wander around the Pixar studio but told not to go into any rooms or anything like that. So of course the first thing Flo and I do is go into a boardroom where we proceed to mess around pitching a Pixar film story about a Giant Squid. After about 10 minutes of bullshitting each other it clicked and we both said, ‘You know what, that’s not such a bad idea’. 

So Flo returned to London and I went back to New York. I wrote the first outline pretty quickly and Flo did some drawings. We then noodled it for a long time and sent stuff back and forth, had skype chats and editorial meetings in Cannes! Finally Flo persuaded the good folk at Dare to build it and here we are two years later. It’s really the classic story of having an idea pretty quickly but the tough part is getting the damned thing made.”

Download The Little Giant Squid from the app store here.

Check out some more images on thelittlegiantsquid.com and on Flo’s Flickr.

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