Ten things we learned at Production Social – How did they do that?

Firstly, I’m writing down ten things because Creative Social is celebrating its full decade of existence, which is a stupendous thing. Secondly, I’m not a producer (I’m a writer, which explains all these words) so I’m a bit of an ethnographer at an event for and from producers.

Disclaimer: aspects of my Ten Things may seem obvious, or completely random. Remember, that’s your point of view. Which in this particular case, is utterly irrelevant.



Change ladybirds into dung beetles.


This is not a metaphor for making pretty things ugly, that would be silly. This is literal: if you’re at risk of being sued for copyright infringement because you’ve made a parody of Penguin’s Ladybird books (popular back in the 1960s, ask your mum, Ducklings) – change the ladybird into a dung beetle. Sorted.


Two (related to One)

There’s always a way around everything: just step away from the problem.

Real life example by artist, writer and comedienne Miriam Elia: if you keep receiving 15 page legal letters from a certain publishing house containing nasty threats to your very existence, simply move house.



Wanting to please demanding superstars can lead to accidental ingenuity.


When Lady Gaga said ‘That means the dress will actually make me fly, right?’ any sensible human being would have said ‘no’. Benjamin Males of STUDIO XO said YES. So he had to make a dress that’s actually a plane and he got in a spot of trouble with the American aircraft authorities. Who cares! He made a dress that’s a plane that a dress! It’s called the Volantis.



There’s no handbook for being a producer.

Nor is there for the vast majority of other jobs on the planet. Get over yourself.



Producers have the least ego in a creative process because the only thing they desire is for the project to go smoothly. They are carers.

I love people like this. I love all producers. I’m going to hug every producer I meet.



Hamsters can be suicidal too.



Hooray for petrol queues

You’d think that having to wait ages to get some petrol so you can go places is a nuisance. (This is predominantly a problem in some African countries, that’s why it might not resonate with you – but stay with me here.) Actually – it’s also a source of income for people who are paid to queue, for street sellers and window cleaners. Hence why when an unnamed politician promised the nation the petrol would flow if he’d be elected, he was, in fact, not elected.

I learned this from Ben&Andrew. They work in many developing countries and they’re all about using creativity and innovation to make lives better. Hire them: http://benandandrew.com/



What makes sense to you doesn’t always make sense to other people

I knew this already, but I think it’s important to repeat this as many times as possible to as many people as possible. I hope this makes sense.



This is true for a suspiciously large proportion of my generation.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 17.30.59

Copyright: Miriam Elia



Creative Social is the very loveliest of creative socials. Plus, it ends with decent wine and conversation.

No further comments.


Isabel Serval – Copywriter for Jelly London and around. 


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