Reaction to Cyberlions

When I walked out the Cyberlions my immediate reaction was meh – that was uninspiring. Not that there was not any good work in there, it was just that we had seen it all before (thanks twitter). However as people reflected further, they seemed to focus on what seemed to be some extremely odd decisions – Pay for A Tweet as Grand Prix. One of the Socials I spoke to actually got angry about this one and said to me “The judges should be ashamed. They were hoodwinked by a good campaign video.” I don’t think they thought it was not good (it also won a Pencil at D&AD last week) but I think the general feeling was that it simply was not a Grand Prix.

And then there were the virals. The big question on everyone’s lips was should tv ads win in the viral category? Is that what viral is all about? Personally my feeling is no and was delighted to see Skittles Cat winning a Gold as I loved it as soon as I saw it:

But more importantly where was TippEx’s Hunter Shoots a Bear, one of the tips from the Socials (and one of my own personal favourites). Dave Bedwood is going to be doing a post for us give some rationale on the more controversial decisions and I am looking forward to hearing this one.

Anyway we will be doing a follow up piece and would love to hear your thoughts so we can integrate them into the follow up piece Don’t be shy.

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