Production Social Presents – How Did They Do That? Masters at Work…

Production Social Presents – How Did They Do That? Masters at Work…

Monday 3rd November 14.00 – 18.30

Regents Park, London

Eventbrite - Innovation Stories 2014


The first Production Social was a big success.

Now we’re back with our second event.

This time we’re focusing on the unique, multi-faceted role of the producer.

We have just one aim: to inspire you.

We’ll be discussing some of the ever-evolving techniques and skills that make production such a fascinating craft to be in right now.

And you’ll get chance to pick up some great new contacts.

How did they do that?

We’ve gathered together an exciting collection of speakers and fellow craftspeople from our industry and beyond.

They’ll take us through some of their favourite pieces of work, explaining how they achieved extraordinary results.

All you need to do is sit back, relax and soak up some inspiration.

Who is it for?

Producers, obviously – from mid-weight to executive level.

But also creative directors, art directors, copywriters, project managers, designers, as well as marketeers.

Anybody who wants to learn more about what’s possible in the world of production today.

And to see how some of the top talents in the business are producing amazing work.


Doors open at 14.00 and the talks begin at 14.20 sharp.

There’ll be drinks and cake too and plenty of time to meet, greet and network. We will also have some beers to end the session – it doesnt get better than that!

Dani Michelon, the founder of Production Social, and Margo Mars, Head of Production at Prettybird have curated the event, and they’ll be guiding you through the day.


Ben&Andrew – @benandand

Ben Gallagher Co Founder, Ben&Andrew 
Andrew Missingham Co Founder, Ben&Andrew 

Gallagher is a former journalist with Al Jazeera, who worked with Sir David Frost to bring his world famous, inimitable style to the Arabic world’s flagship international broadcaster. He’s worked as the head of insight and strategy at the Nike Foundation, leading the on-the-ground process of uniting very different cultures together to create cutting-edge branded platforms in three African countries as well as developing innovative uses of mobile technology to create social change at scale.

Andrew Missingham has seen culture and creativity from almost every angle: as an entrepreneur, an artist, a manager, educator and consultant. Amongst many projects focussed on cultural alignment, he was employed by Andy Heath and Feargal Sharkey to bring the six founding businesses of UK Music together and smoothly manage their transition into a single coherent lobbying organisation. He is one of the UK’s leading facilitators, with one of the keenest eyes for cultural nuance.

As emerging markets open up and more brands and businesses want to expand in these countries delivering brilliant creative work in challenging environments is a growing sector. These businesses must juggle their ambitions to make a profit with the need to have a social impact and demonstrate cultural relevance and understanding. All enterprises must be cultural, charitable and profitable so they can self sustain. This is a new paradigm, where the rules of the game (as you know them) just don’t exist.  Ben and Andrew will share stories of projects past and present where they’ve had to interpret the situation itself, interpret between groups of people working together and interpret what the local culture is really all about. They’ll also share a few tips on how to be a better interpreter in your everyday role as a producer.


Dawn Sillett @ZoomlyKeepUp
Founder Zoomly

Dawn Sillett is the founder and MD of Zoomly, delivering focused, fast-paced training and coaching. She has worked with thousands of creative professionals from creative directors and CEOs, creative technologists and project managers, to people starting out on their careers.

Dawn’s work has taken her to many countries for clients including AMV BBDO, Cheil UK, Grey London, SapientNitro, and the Walt Disney Corporation. Prior to this career Dawn worked in ad agencies in the UK and Asia on a wide range of blue-chip brands. Her book ‘How to be Zoomly at work’ is out now.

To deliver the best possible outcome, producers need to be able to handle themselves and other people in all kinds of situations. This means being able to wear different hats, adapting to different people, places and possibilities – whilst still staying true to who we are.

Drawing on her extensive experience of applying psychology in creative workplaces, Dawn will shed light on how to be more emotionally intelligent, so that you can build rapport with others and get the best from them.


Nancy Tilbury Co-Founder & CEO
Benjamin Males Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Studio XO is a fashion and technology company that creates and engineers interactive fashion experiences at the crossroads of the digital-physical revolution. We pride ourselves in being leaders in the wearable technology market and pioneers in ‘the internet of everything’ for the body. Studio XO technologies are set to disrupt the way we consume clothing in the next decade.

Nancy graduated with an MA in womenswear from the Royal College of Art in 1997 and then went on to become a fashion director for Philips Design working across technology, science research and disruptive business platforms. She managed pioneering design projects such as the Philips-Nike and Philips-Levi’s ICD+ Collection; the first commercial fashioned technologies to market. Nancy was pivotal in the set up of the Philips Intelligent Fibers team, which later led to the exciting Philips Design Probes programme which included the multi award winning Blushing Dress worn by Lady Gaga.

Benjamin Males operates in the interdisciplinary grey area between science and art. Having graduated from Imperial College London with a 1st Class Honours MEng degree in mechanical engineering specialising in nuclear reactor technology, Males joined the Design Products course at The Royal College of Art under the tutorage of the furniture designer and architect, Ron Arad. Combining an advanced understanding of the physical world with the sensibility of product design, Males has quickly become a leading figure in the Hybrid Design community.

Being a producer means you need to hone the skill of helping, guiding and discovering new innovative concepts that expand possibilities. Nancy and Benjamin will discuss how they constantly pioneer using new technology to create the 21st century experiences without a formal handbook.

Their success has derived from creating their own niche by mixing disciplines that have historically not been paired traditionally fashion,textiles and technology are not natural bed fellows. They call this methodology ‘Oil and Water’, by mixing the two they create new beautiful  hyper-experiences and create harmony from the unexpected.

William Fairman @Chillfairman

Supervising Producer – VICE

Will Fairman is Supervising Producer at VICE and at the forefront of their unique style of filmmaking, having joined the UK team 7 years ago when they first started making video content. He has produced and directed some of VICE’s most popular and acclaimed content such as Fashion Week Internationale and The Debt Collector, and oversees all content in the Rule Britannia strand.


Producers make things possible everyday; producers that stand out will aim for the extraordinary, making the impossible, possible. William will take us on the journey that has seen the unique Vice voice evolve from its magazine pages to the number 1 online content provider. He will discuss how the production of certain content has defined the success of the business today.

Focusing on the quality and uniqueness of the production behind key content such as Rule Britannia strand, William will highlight that making and bringing extraordinary content to the forefront of the public eye has always been their strength and road to success.


Miriam Elia @miriamelia1
Director, Visual Artist and Surreal Comedy Writer / MA RCA

After graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2006, Miriam’s diverse work has included illustrated books such as ‘We go to the gallery’ and ‘The Diary of Edward the Hamster,’ as well as prints, drawings, short films, radio comedy and animations.


Everyday a producer will face challenges they have to find solutions to utilizing their own initiative. This is an integral part of the role that can ultimately make or break a project.

Meet Miriam – an established artist who will talk us through her most recent project ‘We Go to the Gallery’ a new take on a 1960s Ladybird book. Peter, Jane and Mummy go to a gallery and learn about sex, death and contemporary art.

This project has taken Miriam through the process of learning self production, creating and publishing a book that has been both challenging and extremely  inspiring – and has ultimately created success through adversity.

Miriam will inspire us with her unique and humorous style that has seen her create the ultimate partnership between creative and producer. We will be taken though her journey from concept to final product that will touch on areas such as raising funds through Kickstarter to legal battles with publishers along with all the skills that have seen Miriam problem solve her way to success!



Jon Barnes @Jonathanlbarnes

Partnership Director, Hyper Island

 Jon’s passion is helping businesses to create cultures which continuously adapt and change by fostering environments which support learning and innovation. As a Partnership Director at Hyper Island he works with both businesses and Masters students around cultural transformation.


The world is changing quickly, and for producers this couldn’t be more true. Every day there is something new to work with and staying on top of this is the only way to be competitive. This means we as people must to learn to learn and learn to change. By sharing examples of businesses which have gone to incredible lengths to create learning cultures, Jon will suggest that investing in your company’s culture is no longer an option but an absolute necessity to survive and strive the fast changing world of technology. Learning to learn has to become top of everybody’s agenda.

Eventbrite - Innovation Stories 2014


PRODUCTION SOCIAL are continuously adding speakers to this packed afternoon – please check back regularly for updates!


And a BIG THANKS to our partners, in no particular order:



The Blueprint sits at the centre of the communications industry evolution, helping agencies and brands change through a mix of strategy and planning, identifying and appointing new talent and providing ongoing support and mentoring services.

A production company who create stories for all platforms from television commercial to music video though fashion film, content and documentary.

 The most creatively awarded agency in the UK for 6 years in a row.

An international, creativity-driven, production outfit, founded by artists, with a reputation for nurturing the best talent in the industry and an innovative approach to creating work that gets people talking and puts brands on the map.

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