My first blogpost brings you the rather chunky UK ‘Digital Entertainment Survey 2008′(249 page pdf) that I just found on Mashable.

Quote from Mashable/DES 08 Report.

70% of users claim that “legal d/l sites don’t have the range of illegal ones;” 68% claim that with piracy they “can get what they want a lot faster compared to legal sites;” but (very important) they “would pay for legal d/ls if they had what they wanted.”

No surpirises with the fact that audiences resort to piracy to get the content they want, when they want it. The simple truth that an outdated entertainment industry, built on territories, copyrights and royalties cannot respond to an audience that is a century ahead of them.

Blame the studios!!

Further confirmation. Apple failed to deliver the 1,000 movie rental titles it promised by the end of February, just 351 have made it onto iTunes. Mr Jobs does in fact blame the studios.

Entertainment is bigger than film, but thats the bit I’m interested in right now. Appreciate that a once dominant and dictatorial film industry is stumbling around trying to work out what to do. If they’re not doing it already I suggest that they get the music guys/girls and pros in a room, they’ll have a better understanding than anyone, and start working out how the future of distribution is going to work.. not for them – but the audience.

The audience knows what works for them… and ironically it all whittles down to a love of film, music and whatever, not a love of theft and ‘piracy’.