Pick of the Week: Graham Fink: Drawing with my Eyes

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes see things in the world around me. Just last week I was walking in the countryside and envisaged a tree as angry, clenched fist. It’s this kind of transformative, imaginative vision that has possessed Oglivy and Mather’s China Chief Creative Officer and renowned Multimedia Artist, Graham Fink, throughout his life. Ever since he was a child, he has seen faces in the natural and manmade world. These ‘found’ apparitions have evolved and Fink has continued to document them as Art.

What’s so fascinating about his latest exhibition, at the RifleMaker Gallery in Soho, is that Fink takes this lifelong obsession and transforms it into a technological spectacle. It’s truly awe-inspiring and well worth a visit. Sitting in a dark room on the second floor of the gallery last night at the Private View, Fink stared with complete concentration at a computer screen. As if by magic, lines began to form on a huge, white projector screen. Alongside Tobii Technology in China, Fink has designed special software, which is able to pick up and translate the movement of his eye with the use of infrared light.

Graham Fink1

It normally takes about 40 minutes for Fink to create a portrait in this way. He told me that by using only his eyes, the image created was at its purest form, with no intervention of his hands. Most of the faces stem from his own imagination, and more often that not, they resemble people he might have passed in the street earlier in the day. In this way, they are a continuation of his ‘found’ faces. I therefore feel that they have something of a subconscious element to them, and they particularly remind me of the automatic drawings of Surrealist artists such as Andre Masson and Juan Miró. Graham Fink is definitely pushing the boundaries of digital art and the possibilities with this kind of technology are extremely exciting and inspirational. The exhibition will last until Saturday 21st March, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Graham Fink4


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