Following BBH’s win on Axe, John O’Keefe said ‘“A couple of years ago, we might have been at a disadvantage in a pitch like this, simply for lack of having the digital craft skills in-house. We now have that capability, whereupon this, and any other digital pitch for that matter, comes down to the same question that decides any such process:’who has the best idea’. Well BBH have now delivered their first standalone project for Audi –  I have already garnered some opinion and general consensus is that it is dated (looks like it was built in Flash 5), ponderous, aneamic and hinders your ability to get to the heart of the TT’s motoring experience. The Audi TT is a beautifully crafted car and the website should reflect this. What do you think? Personally I think we can go as far back as 2004 to see a far better example of a brand associating itself with music online – Far Far’s Threetracks project for Absolut. Whatever the view, it is certainly going to be an interesting 12 months as we see more and more ‘traditional agencies’  dabbling in digital in Europe.

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