To encourage people to drink more Argentinean wine, we at BBDO together with the National Fund Wine Fund launched a campaign with a TV spot showing a typical family talking in Esperanto with Spanish subtitles. The exact same spot was the aired with 14 different sets of subtitles, giving the impression that consumers were watching different conversations each time.

The campaign´s tagline promised “One Wine, a Thousand Conversations” and was supported online with a digital platform encouraging people to create their own subtitles for the ad and share their versions of the video through Facebook and Twitter.

Argentine Wine. One wine, a thousand conversations. from BBDO argentina on Vimeo.

In 45 days, the website notched up over 200,000 pageviews with an average time on site of 7,5 minutes. Users uploaded over 4,200 newly-subtitled versions of the TV spot, with a branded YouTube channel hosting them.

Ramiro Rodriguez Cohen and Rodrigo Grau, CCOs of the agency stated “We wanted to catch young people´s attention and tell them wine can bring many things out of people, like no other drink can. That’s why we made 14 spots that, multiplied by all the people versions, will literally become a thousand.”