The bring your own device (BYOD) trend is more than a cost savings method for employers. It is a physical representation of the values of a whole generation of workers. Researchers are finding that millennials are looking for workplace values that are different than past generations. And, the way that employers use technology is all part of the ideal workplace mix.


Providing financial security for your family has always been one of the top reasons for staying at a job. But, the work-life balance with your family is becoming both a reason to take and leave a job.

Many employers now offer the ability for employees to work remotely or from home at least part of the time. This allows them to stay home with sick kids or make appointments while still getting work done. In fact, an infographic by Halogen Software states that three out of five millenial workers expect to work remotely.

But, before you think of just the negative impact to productivity, understand that most millenials expect to be available to employers during off-hours. Plus, with mobile and cloud technology, working remotely is much easier than it was in the past. Now, workers can work on projects in the cloud and share and sync files through Internet software programs like Dropbox or Google Drive.


Being healthy also looks different to a millennial. Stress is not the enemy as it was to the older cohorts. The millennial mind is built for multitasking, given its ability to switch between different projects on different devices. Again, the Halogen Software infographic reports that 24 percent of employees use a smartphone or tablet as their primary work device. This means that millennials with a Samsung Galaxy S4, for example, can effectively move their work from their desk to the conference room to the coffee shop without a problem. Where baby boomers might be stressed over working with multiple responsibilities that range over different devices, the millennial sees this as normal and healthy.


Another unique aspect that millenials value in the workforce is friendship with their coworkers. Both in and out of the business place, this younger generation wants to create and maintain true friendships. With their routine use of social media like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, the millennial uses the BYOD culture to generate networks of friends. This turns your business into a family and creates a strong recruiting platform for potential employees that value a friendly work culture. Where traditional workers may have been limited to face-to-face meetings, millenials like the option of online chats, video conferences and social networks both for internal business and outside networking.


Finally, this generation of workers knows that much of their self-respect and esteem comes from their accomplishments at work. The ability to call, text or digitally interact with team members and leaders is a big boost to their self-worth. This is made much easier with collaborative documents, online chats and other forms of digital contact.

Overall, the BYOD culture embraces all of the values that the millennial worker is looking for in an organisation. It gives them the flexibility, responsibility and opportunity to make the most out of their jobs and connections. So, when looking for a job or hiring potential employees, BYOD is a necessary perk.