Begun in 2009, Edward Bishop’s Knuckles project sprung out of his fascination with the spectrum of expression attainable on a small, yet conspicuous canvas. As a professional photographer and filmmaker specialising in documentaries, he always has an eye out for the unusual. The photographs of knuckle tattoos contained in the book were taken in the UK on the streets of London and Brighton, and at tattoo conventions nationwide.

CS asked Jack Reed to review Knuckles:

A much overdue document of an increasing trend that was once taboo, and like any visible shift in society demands our attention.

Knuckles is a typology of ink made through a genuine love of body art and the desire to seek out and collect all the variations an individuals imagination will allow, within the limit of eight knuckles.

Phrases range from old school mantras such as ‘Stay Gold’ and ‘Hold Fast’ to declarations of pride such as ‘Hard Core’ and ‘Somerset’ or simply to mark allegiance as a fan in that of ‘Bang Bros’. (Google it on your work computer.)

This is a fascinating study of a recent resurgence in youth culture in which by the end of the book you cannot help but have decided what you would have penned for yourself and why.

For me, I’ve been blessed with a name perfect for knuckle tattoos and look forward to greeting my mother with ‘Jack Reed’.

Find out more about Knuckles at including a rather nifty Tattoo Generator so you can make and share your own knuckle tattoos.

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