Creative Social teamed up with Converse and Google+ for a next level trainer hacking competition. The brief was simple: ‘We’re going to give you some Chucks. You do something amazing with them, no rules, no guidelines, no limits’.

The competition was set up celebrate the launch of a ‘creative sandbox’ which sees Converse teaming up with Google+ to encourage imaginative individuals to come together and collaborate on new ideas, inspired by the Chuck Taylor blank canvas.

This experiment will eventually be open to anyone and everyone with a creative notion, but to start they invited members of Creative Social to bring their most resourceful, clever, absurd ideas to life through a pair (or two) of Chuck Taylor All Star hi-tops.

We had a fantastic response from the socials with over 20 agencies from around the globe taking part. The sheer variety of ideas and inspirational concepts developed has been brilliant and a testament to the wide creativity of the collective. Everyone has had an enormous amount of fun from start to finish of the creative journey.

The entries will be judged at Cannes 2013 by a combination of judges from Google & Converse, there will also be a Fans’ Choice Winner. We will keep you posted on who gets though to the final, announced later today and the winner announced Wednesday 19th June at the annual Creative Social Cannes lunch.

““Converse fans use their Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers as a blank canvas for self expression every day. Partnering with Creative Social as part of a fun competition at Cannes Lions we challenged creative minds around the world to imagine what could be done, opening up our Chucks to be played with in exciting new ways.”.

Kris Crockett, Digital Manager, Converse

Check out all the entries here…

This entry from BBDO allows you to program lights in motion on the side of your Chuck.

Moonwalk All Star – a second hack from BBDO – connects your Chuck Taylors with an app that teaches & critiques your dance moves. In this instance, it’s the Moonwalk

BBDO’s third entry in New York took their Chuck to the barber shop for a cut. The call it “What the Chuck!

Team BBDO also hacked a pair of Chucks to be shared and followed all over the world. It’s a Chuck World Tour

Guitarists rejoice. Team Agency Republic have remade the wah wah peddle – building it into a Chuck.

Our friends at PLAN.NET in Germany have built a clever little pay-back device. They call it the Kick Ass Machine

Laura Jorden Bambach will be wearing a radio on her feet next week thanks to help from her Dare team. You can listen in at

Team Ogilvy in China went LED light crazy with their Chuck hack. Use the mobile app and create your own designs! They call it Charged Up Chuck

The creative group at adam&eveDDB decided to make communicating easier while they are in Cannes next week. They’ve hacked together the first ever Chuck Taylor phone.

The team at Geneva Film Co. have dreamt up an idea of hacking the bottom of your Chucks – customizing them with a message you can leave behind for all to see. What would your Chucks say?

Flo Heiss & James Cooper literally hacked their Chucks to pieces. And they recorded each step!

The Reactive guys teamed up with their friends Toby & Pete in Australia to ‘shoot’ their vision for a Chuck Hack – it’s called Chuck a Chuck. And it gets messy.

The crazy guys at SuperHeros in Amsterdam hacked a Chuck Taylor to create the first ever sneaker with drone support: the Chuck T9000.

Becky Power and her team at Lowe Open took a very SNEAKER twist on the shoe horn for their hack.

“GOOD VIBRATIONS” is what Lean Mean Fighting Machine called it when they hacked our Chuck Taylor to create a pair of sneakers that help you discover a cool new world. Check it out.

The Weapon 7 team put together this very funny demonstration for hacking a Chuck. They call it the “Twitter-powered distressed Chuck”

Street Art fan Seb Royce and friends took a pair of chucks and built a fully automated, retractable robotic arm – allowing artists to reach new heights.

How about checking in wherever you go with your Chucks? That’s the nice idea from the LBi guys.

Rehab Studio are thinking up a way to turn your dance moves into custom Chucks. What would your moves be?

The Cheil team in London love skate. So they’ve devised a Chuck hack that allows you to check out a board and track where you go. It’s called Chuck Stop.

The Good Chuck uses hidden technology to help you do good while doing nothing more than walking in your Chucks… Thanks to Natalie Lam and McCann in New York!

The people at Shotopop took a classic Chuck Tailor All Star Sneaker and hacked it to make this: “SHIP JUST GOT REAL”.

Thanks to the guys at BBH in London. They’ve hacked a Chuck that creates digital art from your feet.