I am delighted to announce that the MINI iPhone application we (Profero) showcased in Antwerp, OPENNESS, has finally launched. The app is part of the latest digital MINI activity to promote the new MINI convertible, Stay Open, and something completely different from the run-of-the-mill motoring iPhone applications available within the iTunes Store.

The MINI Openness mobile application encourages users to explore the unexplored and try new things. By downloading the application, users will have access to an off-beat guide to the UK’s major cities, including London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh and over 400 unusual and spontaneous experiences: from getting a Brazilian to attending a Mexican wrestling match with fetish cabaret, joining a literary salon to jumping on a coach to an unknown destination.

Here are a few quick words on what the application does:

When launching the app on your iPhone, based on the level of open-mindedness you choose, the app will provide you with the most adventurous things to do, either closer to where you are or in a specific location (the app supports two geo-options: ‘Find My Location’ and ‘Insert Location’)

The application also has a built-in Google Maps API, where you can find the venue or the exact location for each single ‘open-minded’ experience

If the experience chosen doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can choose amongst many others, simply clicking on NEXT.

Also, if you are not really sure on how adventurous you feel, a simple shake of the iPhone will provide you with a random experience.

You can download OPENNESS by simply clicking here (UK users only – sorry). I hope you like it.