LFA Limitless Women Conference

The LFA Limitless Women Conference is an event designed to give young women access to the following tools;

–          Award winning photographers Emerzy Corbin and Gérard Mensah.  A chance to create a portfolio of stylish and professional images for various social media platforms to enhance job and business prospects.

–          A chance to connect with some of the most successful women in the country.

Attendees can expect;

–          5 professional and stylish images

–          Build links with other motivated and dynamic young women

–          Understanding the power of “No” and the power of making your voice heard

–          Expert guidance on how to build your brand (you are your number one product)

–          Success stories and insight into the lives of trail blazing women


Speakers include;

–          Nadya Powell, Managing Director of The Sunshine Company

–          Alex Goat, Managing director of Livity

–          Charmain Hayden, Co-founder of Face4Music and presenter at NotForTheRadio

–          Lina Naima, Co-founder of Face4Music and founder of Confidence Coach UK

–          Fiona Small, Director of Young Mum Support Network

–          Patricia Lamour, Co-founder of GEEDA and director of Aspire Educational Group

–          Patricia Odje, Serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in PR and marketing


LFA are also using the event to sign post attendees to other employment opportunities such as an interview with Face4Music, and GroupM’s Spring apprenticeship program.

Tickets are £11 and  are available HERE

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