All killer no filler. The ultimate accolade for an album. Unfortunately it can’t be said of most of the records in anyone’s collection; don’t you just wish you could pick and choose the best tracks and cut out the rest?

Specialmoves latest project has just been delivered for W+K London’s Kaiser Chiefs ‘The Future is Medieval’ campaign, and it allows you to do just that. The site allows fans to create their own album of 10 tracks from a choice of 20, create their own artwork and download their own custom album. Fans can preview all 20 tracks and spend as long as they like handpicking their favourites using a playful Victoriana steampunk interface.

In case that wasn’t enough, once a fan has created an album they can advertise it for sale to other people, and receive a pound from the proceeds of every subsequent sale.

This was a really tricky project, as all the good ones are; not only did we have to integrate as reliably and seamlessly as possible with paypal, but we had to allow it to send a kickback payment to users too. We didn’t just have to allow users to download their albums; we had to generate each one separately and add custom ID3 tags to each track, and snappily enough to get it to a hungry Kaiser Chiefs fan without driving them mad with anticipation.

The project went live this morning with heavy media coverage and the word on the street is that people are buying 2 albums each to get the full set. We’re really excited to have been part of something that really pushes the boundaries of music promotion and distribution, and which so many people are excited about.

To quote one fan on Twitter: “Mind. Blown.”