Instacannelions in 36 hours

On Tuesday we launched Instacanneslions, a nice neat way to bring Cannes to life in photos. Although nice to get another CS initiative under the belt (along with Gutterbarometer), the most satisfying thing for me was that this project really brought to life some of the ideals I have been speaking about as a Hyper Island Masterclass speaker – collaboration, agility and building on the work of others. The way it came about is as follows:

Late Sunday night (18 June) James Cooper (@koopstakov) shared a neat little idea with us to create a bespoke Instagram filter for Cannes
This inspired us (I was in Amsterdam with Mark at the time plotting the future of CS) to build on this and also throw the idea of doing a for Cannes into the mix
We immediately e-mailed all the Socials who run Production companies, to see if anyone could deliver either at VERY short notice
The next morning Darrell Wilkins (@dwkns), Founder of Special Moves suggested that we speak to the guy who built the initial
I e-mailed Syd Lawrence (@sydlawrence) to see if he could build something for us and at the same time bought the url
Syd came back to us in a couple of hours to say yes at which point Mark organized web hosting
By the next morning, 36 hours after James’ initial seed of an idea, Instacanneslions was live at a total cost of £30 (for url)

I know it is only a small idea but imagine how many of these small ideas you can produce if you provide the right structure (which at a brand level would include a clear creative platform from which to work from). I think it was also apt that this all happened while me and Mark were plotting the future of Creative Social – maybe this a sign of the direction we could be going.

In the meantime a big thanks to everyone involved, James Cooper for inspiring the original idea, Darrell Wilkins for putting us on the right path, Perfect Fools for setting up the hosting and Syd Lawrence and Tom Gibby (@adverplanner) for letting us piggy back of their original idea of

Hope to be back next year with a bigger and better version. As well as that filter ?

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