So a few weeks back we offered up the chance to interview Graham Fink over M&C Saatchi’s latest work for Currys featuring C-3PO and R2-D2. Simon Wilkie is our man. A devout Star Wars fan from Norwich, England, & active with his hobby on a daily basis, Simon is part of the 501st costuming group in the UK called the UKGarrison.

Creative Social appreciates a bit of craft and here you can see Simon with his C-3PO project. Half way through, 18mnths in, the final gold finish will be through a vacuum metalizing process.

Asked how Simon first got involved with Star Wars he sites his Uncle as a huge fan who gave him the films as a child.

“I instantly fell in love with the story and have never looked back since”.

Simon is normally in a Stormtrooper outfit. ‘Trooping’ on a regular basis he attends events for Lucasfilm and other companies raising money for the NSPCC and Make a wish foundation.

We asked Simon what Star Wars means to him,

It’s my childhood. You cant replace that.. you can however look back and enjoy it over and over again. I get called a big kid. This is something which I believe everyone should have in them.

Its a very great thing to be a part of a huge community of people who all love a respect the characters in the films. I think I see Star Wars meaning the most to me when I get to raise money for some very needy charities along with a bunch of people who love the films just as much as me. It’s like doing something really worth while and being able to do it with your best friends.

Only recently have I taken to spending my money and spare time becoming the on screen characters. I saw the UKGarrison trooping locally and was blown away at the impact they had on the public. I jumped at the chance at be able to share my passion, use my artistic skills and raise money for needy people.

Trooping is by no means easy, the level of accuracy needed for costume standards requires hours of work. Wearing the costumes is by no means easy. But this is all worth it when you see children’s faces light up and instantly recognise you. They talk to you as if you are that character.

When I first saw the film at the age of 5 my favourite character was C-3PO. He was the first person to talk in the film and seemed so amazing.

To now become that character piece by piece over the last year and a half has been an amazing experience.

It makes you realise the effort and skill of the man in the suit and the true skill of the prop makers.