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#InsideViews The Lofts at Grand Central

Grand Central Recording Studios (GC) this week unveils The Lofts, an aspirational new studio space on the seventh floor of the facility, which will transform the audio experience for agencies and brands, wherever they happen to be within the space. Unlike traditional studio designs, the spaces within The Lofts have been created in order to give maximum light and space.

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The studio hosts the first ever installation of a revolutionary speaker technology, which eliminates the dreaded monitoring ‘sweet spot’ which previously meant you had to sit next to the engineer if you wanted to hear the mix the way it was meant to be. This new monitoring technology means that ‘all areas are sweet’ allowing you to hear a perfect mix wherever you sit, changing the creative dynamic of a post production session for the better by fostering a collaborative, all inclusive creative environment. These new state of the art speakers have been specifically developed by Exigy and their technically creative concept has influenced the studios’ design throughout.

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