Innovation Stories 2014 – Agathe Guerrier

Innovation Stories 2014
Thursday 26th June 09.00 to 13.00
DigitasLBi, E1 6RU

Eventbrite - Innovation Stories 2014

We’d like to introduce you now to Innovation Social speaker Agathe Guerrier.


Agathe is a strategy director at BBH London and BBH Labs (BBH’s R&D unit). For the past decade, she’s worked on brand strategy in Paris, Tokyo and London and more recently, she’s participated in impressive campaigns like ‘Peace’, ‘Soulmates’ ‘Apollo’ for Axe and Guardian’s ‘Own the Weekend’ instalments. She’s also part of the team, the BBH Labs experiment that uses social network data to create personalised robots. Woah.

It’s not all mad science for Agathe though, who’s also a vinyasa yoga teacher and (occasional) vegan. Is a healthy dose of ‘om’ and cheese-free diet the key to innovation? Perhaps. She’ll be discussing how to approach innovation from a process, team and organisational point of view. Plus, she’ll be talking about the launch of from BBH Labs earlier this year, and what they’ve learned so far from a strategy they very scientifically call “hit and run”.

Brace yourselves for a good one:

Eventbrite - Innovation Stories 2014


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