Good by Ideas – Ideas wanted to save lives

Good for Nothing, a collective of thinkers, makers and doers, has partnered with Made by Many to build a rapid and collaborative response to the humanitarian disaster in East Africa.

A child is dying every six minutes in East Africa. And, according to the UN, 3.2 million Somalians are in need of immediate lifesaving assistance in its worse drought in over 60 years.

The challenge is this — how can Good for Nothing and MxM create something simple to accelerate donations to support the demands of the relief effort.

A small army of volunteers at MxM spent last week thinking about a mechanism to harness one of the greatest tools at their disposal – the brain power of their networks. Recycling code from a previous project, MxM have set up a creative crowd sourcing platform, Good by Ideas to invite the public to post their money-raising ideas. The ideas will be moderated by public voting, and over the coming week the volunteers from MxM and Good for Nothing will spend their evenings sketching, planing and prototyping the best ideas.

So sign up and summit your idea. MxM and Good for Nothing may just build it.

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