CS Presents… The Future

DigitasLBi, 146 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU

For our last CS Presents of the year, we have recruited some fantastic speakers, including:

  • Rose Lewis, Co-Founder & Coach, Collider
  • Lawrence Weber, Managing Partner Innovation, Karmarama
  • Matt Follows, Sustainable High Performance Coach, Leading Left
  • Nadya Powell, MD, Sunshine
  • Simon Goodall, Chief Strategy Officer, Lowe Open

We asked our creative mystics what they think are the key challenges, trends and opportunities and how we can get the best for our agencies and ourselves in 2016 and beyond. Here is what they came back with:

The Future Of Start Ups

We can’t ignore it any longer – tech is eating our lunch. Rose will discuss what tech is shaping the future of the advertising industry now, and how we can work together with startups in the long term.

Reclaiming The agency

The Ad industry has always been good at dragging new inspirations from the outside world and using them to create new moments of culture. However, Lawrence will argue, innovating the work is not enough to create a successful agency of the future, you also need to change who you work with and the commercial models your work with too.

Future Proof Your Brain

Matt is going to run a quick-fire, interactive workshop to show how to future proof your brain by rebooting your nervous system and keeping your creative A-Game online – in 90 seconds or less!

Marketing To Future Generations

How can we engage Generation Z? And who comes after them? Growing up immersed in social media, brands need to figure out new ways to appeal to these tech savvy consumers. Nadya is going to tell us how.

Sci-Fi Trend Spotting

At its best, Science Fiction is a medium of ideas – ideas about technologies and cultures that are clues about our future world. From the Star Trek computer to the Virtual Reality counter culture of William Gibson’s Neuromancer, the future has often been written. Simon is going to take us through what the key trends are and how best to spot them.

If you want to get an insight into the future and get a head start on 2016, we promise this is not a CS Presents to be missed. We know, as we have already seen what happens.

Who Should Attend?

Creatives, Strategists, Planners, Innovators, Producers, Designers, Technologists and anyone with a curious mind.

Big thanks as always to our partners:

Because Source LF are all about Connected People, Connecting People, Creative Social is the perfect event to sponsor as people can network whilst benefiting from leading industry knowledge. To help conversation flow, our friends at Source LF will also be sponsoring the bar.We are sorry that other recruiters are not able to attend this session.

Special thanks to our venue partners DigitasLBi for providing us with ‘The home of Creative Social Presents..’ a top notch venue for creative thinking.

Finally a big thanks to our Digital Production Partners Roll Studio who helped us build this – www.howhmttareyou.com. Go click to find out how Hacker, Maker, Teacher and Thief you are.

Please note: This event is for agency folk and students only


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