CS Presents… Hacker, Maker, Teacher, Thief: Advertising’s Next Generation.

Tuesday 2nd September 19.00 to 22.00

DigitasLBi, E1 6RU

What does the industry need to do today (not tomorrow) to stay valuable and relevant?
What the f**k do clients know about great advertising?
How can copying make you more original?
How do we ‘do’ innovation?
Should we make things people want rather than make people want things?
How do you find emotional resonance in real time marketing?
What’s the best way to punch procrastination in the face?
And why are we so excited by the next generation of advertising?
Come and hear some of the authors of the new Creative Social book ‘Hacker, Maker, Teacher, Thief: Advertising’s Next Generation’ (exclusively launched at this event) talk about their views on advertising today.

The evening will comprise of five short talks around topics from the book as well as a Room 101 session presided over by a special guest. Authors present include the following:

Alex Lavery, Partner & Creative Director, P&S

Alex (@pitchandsync) has a passion for music in all shapes and forms, which led to founding P&S where he is now partner and creative director. Previously he managed digital and licensing for iconic record label, Wall of Sound. During this time he struck deals with the likes of Apple and Röyksopp, Citroën and Les Rythmes Digitales.

In 2009 Alex won the British Council Young Creative Entrepreneur award for music. Since buying his first Technics 1210 from wages saved doing a paper round, Alex has been a music enthusiast.

He now loves the challenge of music working to support different kinds of advertising. That and of course his family. The best piece of advice he has ever been given was by Joyce Ryland, his grandmother “Be true to yourself and go after what you believe in.”

Daniele Fiandaca, Head of Innovation, Cheil and Co-founder, CreativeSocial

Daniele (@yellif) is currently Head of Innovation at Cheil, one of the fastest growing agencies in the UK, with key clients that include Coca Cola, Converse and Samsung. Previously he ran Profero for over a decade, growing it from a small team in London to the global business it is now.

He continues to run Creative Social, which he founded alongside Mark Chalmers in 2004 and recently co-founded Innovation Social with Nadya Powell. He is an ongoing Hyper Island Masterclass speaker and Course Leader.

Daniele’s passion include film (his favourite film is Nuovo Cinema Paradiso), collecting vinyl toys, and traveling to exotic places. The best advice he was ever given was from reading a blogpost by Dave Trott, when he wrote “Better to be wrong and interesting than right and boring”.

Dave Bedwood, Creative Director, M&C Saatchi

Dave (@dbedwood) is currently Creative Director at M&C Saatchi. Previously he was a Founding Partner of Lean Mean Fighting Machine, which launched in 2004 and later became the first and only UK agency to win Interactive Agency of the Year at Cannes. They were acquired in April 2014 by M&C Saatchi to create the best advertising agency the world has ever or will ever see.

In your lifetime or the next. Dave has been a judge on several major award juries and also been chairman on D&AD and Art Directors Club judging panels. He also plays golf, and has started but never finished several shite screenplays. The best advice he was ever given was by the Dalai Lama “If one isn’t that interesting, then one should lie”.

Dave Birss, Founder of Additive and OneDayCodeSchool.com, Editor at Large, The Drum

Dave (@davebirss) has what’s known as a ‘portfolio career’. He was previously Creative Director of some big agencies and some great agencies (but not at the same time). He now spends every waking hour not doing that any more. Instead, he spends his time talking, writing and consulting on creativity and technology.

He’s currently got a couple of TV shows in development. And a TED talk in the works. He loves graphic novels and dreams of being good enough to draw his own one day. The best piece of advice he ever received was ‘If you don’t enjoy creating it, nobody will enjoy what you’ve created’. He was miserable when he wrote this paragraph

Flo Heiss, Studio Heiss

Bavarian born Flo (@floheiss) studied graphic design and art at the FH Augsburg in Germany, at the I.S.I.A Urbino in Italy and at the Royal College of Art in London. Flo joined DARE in 2000 from Razorfish and became DARE’s Creative Director in 2003 and Executive Creative Director in 2009.

Under his creative leadership DARE has picked up numerous awards including Campaign’s Digital Agency of the Decade in 2010, Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2010, Creativity Magazine A-List in 2011 and Induction to the Brand Republic Hall of Fame in 2011.

Flo was named inCreativity Magazine’s Top 50 List of category defining innovators in 2011. In September 2013 he left DARE to set up his own Creative Design studio called Studio Heiss. The best piece of advice he was ever given was from his dad who told him “I don’t think you are good enough to work for the German Railway”.

Jake Attree, Creative, Dare

Jake (@JakeAttree) is currently a Creative at Dare, Campaign’s digital agency of the decade, where he started on the Dare School grad program after doing a Masters at Hyper Island, Manchester. He runs Good For Nothing East London, a project that helps accelerate the work of charities and social enterprises and is also a Trustee of Greenwich Mencap.

He recently won the UK Young Lions Gold in the Print category. Jake’s passions include football (mainly Dare FC), Alan Partridge and whiskey. The best piece of advice he has ever given was from his Dad: “Don’t stay in a comfort zone.”

Jon Burkhart, Founder, Real-time Content Labs

Jon (@jonburkhart) is a content strategist and copywriter who helps brands and agencies kick-start their real-time content creation efforts by building ‘brand newsrooms’for them. In 2010, he started the world’s first blog dedicated to real-time content UrgentGenius.com. Three years later, Thames and Hudson published his book on the topic Newsjacking: The Urgent Genius of Real-time Advertising.

In the last few years, Jon has provided copywriting and content strategy for agencies including AKQA, Lean Mean Fighting Machine and Cheil. His work has appeared on news sites like Mashable and The Guardian as well as in pop culture destinations like Comedy Central and Rolling Stone.

His best piece of advice: Seth Godin summed up Jon’s day job — helping brands stop shouting and create platforms that provide for deeper emotional connections between fans — better than anyone ever has: “Great leaders create movements by empowering the tribe to communicate. They establish the foundation for people to make connections, as opposed to commanding people to follow them”.

Laura Jordan Bambach, Creative Partner, Mr President / President D&AD

Laura (@laurajaybee) is currently Creative Partner at nimble creative agency Mr President; and President of D&AD. Previously she has worked in many of the best names in the digital business, from Deepend, Lateral and Glue to LBi and Dare; starting out doing design, to running design and dev teams as Head of Art, to Executive Creative Director.

She is also a co-founder of SheSays, a global volunteer network to encourage more women to take up creative digital careers, and Cannt Festival. Laura is passionate about making our industry a better place, and more representative of the real world. She’s also a trained taxidermist. The best piece of advice she was ever given was from her English master, who said “Only boring people get bored”.

James Kirk, Creative Director, Breed & Craft

James (@otherJamesKirk) is currently Creative Director at Breed & Craft, a new type of creative agency. Since graduating from Hyper Island Manchester in 2012, he’s been a founding member of two start-ups. In his own time he continues to work with Creative Social as editor and content creator. The best advice he was given was by John V Willshire who said ‘Make things people want rather than making people want things’.

John V Willshire, Founder, Smithery

John (@willsh) is founder of Smithery, a Product and Marketing Innovation studio. Previously he was Chief Innovation Officer at PHD, and was responsible for starting the idea of ‘Innovation’ as a job title into agency land when choosing his own job title back in 2007.

He has yet to formally apologise. John is also the creator of Artefact Cards (@artefact_cards), a physical and digital system for helping people play with ideas. He is a part-time economist, coffee snob, bread maker, leader of a death folk rock band, writer, lefty Scot, haphazard photographer, husband and dad. The best advice he ever was given was that to get on in business, he’d have to specialise in something. He has yet to follow this advice.

Jon Barnes, Relationship Manager, Hyper Island

Jon (@jonathanlbarnes) is currently Relationship Manager at Hyper Island, an organisation which helps businesses and people learn how to embrace change. Previously he was a Strategist at Anomaly and his passions include hitchiking and speaking to strangers. He also has a weird little comic book fetish. The best advice he was ever given was on a Humans Of New York post which said ‘Keep travelling, even if you need a loan’.

Mark Anderson, Co-founder and Managing Director at We Love Digital

Mark Anderson is Co-founder and Managing Director at We Love Digital –an agency that has grown exponentially in the last 6 years, with offices in both the UK and Denmark. Previous to WLD, Mark made beautiful things as Associate Creative Director at AKQA and Senior Art Director at Media Catalyst.

He was also one of the founding four at IMG Media. His passions include extreme list-making, motor racing, tomfoolery with his kids and an excruciatingly painful love of crap house music –anything with a guitar in it sucks! The best advice I’ve been given was from an old colleague of mine…”Work hard and fast, be brilliant or get the fuck out!”

Mark Earls, Founder, Herd Consultancy

Mark (@herdmeister) writes books, gives talks and runs HERD Consulting independently out of London. He is a recovering account planner and has led teams at big agencies like Ogilvy Worldwide and smaller and funkier ones like St Lukes but is much happier outside.

Mark is passionate about applying modern cognitive and behavioural science to the stuff we do in advertising, marketing and research and liberating our work with it, rather than closing it down. Books like “Welcome to the Creative Age”(2003), “HERD”(2007) and “I’ll Have What She’s Having –Mapping Social Behaviour”(2011) (with Alex Bentley and Mike O’Brien) seem to reach well beyond adland.

Indeed, Mark’s client list over recent years points this up: from the Gates Foundation to the UK Ministry of Defence, from Unilever and Bacardi to Sony Corporation and Experian. The best professional advice he ever heard was from an interview with novelist Kurt Vonnegut, just before he died. “Join a gang –any gang”. Which is why he still fronts a ska-band when he can. If not, he’d rather be fishing or watching cricket somewhere hot and sunny.

Patrick Collister, Head of Design, Google Zoo NACE

Patrick (@directnewideas)is currently Head of Design, Google Zoo NACE. Previously ECD and Vice Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather London. Founder of Creative Matters consultancy and training company. Passion: Patrick’s passion is Directory magazine (www.directnewideas.com), a showcase forinnovations in communications, which he publishes quarterly. Best piece of advice: “Don’t take yourself seriously. No-one else will if you do”.

Scott Morrison, Founder, The Business Accelerator

Scott (@IAccelerateU) is the Founder of ‘The Business Accelerator’and helps businesses to adapt and respond to the massive opportunities that the post-recession market place presents by leveraging innovation and acceleration partnerships. Previously he spent 10 years in Advertising running incredible Client business at both Saatchi and Saatchi and Wieden and Kennedy.

He then became a Client and held the Marketing Director position at both Levi’s and Activision before moving to Diesel where, most recently, he was the Marketing and Commercial Director. Scott is a passionate mentor, lecturing at LCF, Conde Nast College and The School of Communication.

He is a photographer, formerly signed to Defected records music producer and DJ and a comedy lover citing Jason Rouse, Tom Rhodes and Bill Burr as particular favourites. His best advice was from a friend who’d spent a lot of time with Marvin Gaye in his final years. Marvin used to say “Give everyone 5 minutes”.

Seb Royce, Chief Creative Officer, Rockabox

Seb (@sebroyce) is currently Chief Creative Officer at Rockabox, a new breed of company pioneering video content production, tech and distribution. Previously he was ECD at Glue, now Isobar, for over 12 years helping to grow it from a handful of people sat round a desk into one of the most creatively awarded and respected digital agencies of it’s time. Seb is involved as a creative consultant for various start-ups including Newsflare, an online video news community and marketplace for user generated video content.

He also sits on the Advertising Week Europe Advisory board and is a volunteer with the Speaker for Schools initiative. Seb’s passions include a healthy vinyl addiction with over 3000 records in his collection. He is also keen cyclist. The best advice he was ever given in advertising was by his Group Head at Ogilvy (his first job) who said ‘Never take yourself too seriously….’.

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