Digital Advertising: Past, Present, and Future (#csbook)

I am delighted to (finally) announce the release of our first book – Digital Advertising: Past, Present and Future


Update – Buying options
You can buy through LULU here. Latest offers as follows:
UK – Use UKWEEK1 at checkout and get 15% off
US – Use to buy DEC3 at checkout to buy one and get the 2nd 50% off (3rd December only)

Or you can buy a copy at the Amazon Kindle store –
Amazon UK version
Amazon US version

It has been a long road, the idea was first muted in Creative Social Berlin in the spring of 2007 and our original publisher pulled out, but after a huge team collaboration and with us deciding to self publish the book ourselves, I am delighted to be able to announce that the book is now live. As a I have already said this could only have happened with such an amazing team collaboration: first of all the book actually has a total of 24 authors covering the following topics:

When Computers Came with Soldering Irons by Simon Waterfall
When the 12 KB GIF Banner Was King by Matt Powell
From Alpha to Better: Online Advertising, from Then till Now by Andy Sandoz

Anarchy vs Mainstream by Gustav Martner and Anders Gustafsson
Small Is Beautiful: Doing Good Digital Integration and the End of the
Big Idea by Ale Lariu
What Would Bill Bernbach Think? by Sam Ball and Dave Bedwood
Would the Last Person to Leave Please Turn Out the Enlightenment?
by Laura Jordan Bambach
How Advertising Can Become a Friend Whose Company You Enjoy,
Rather Than Just an Annoying Salesman Who Sticks His Foot in the Door
by Sam de Volder
Why Don’t You Just Switch Off Your Television Set and Go and Do
Something Less Boring Instead? by Jon Sharpe
Sound in Digital Advertising by Rafa Soto
The Latin Spirit by Fernanda Romano
When Sweden Rules the World by Patrick Gardner

Your Brand Is an Ape by Chris Clarke
Is Peep Culture the New Pop Culture? by Chris Baylis
Get Involved: How You Can Shape the Future
of Digital Advertising by James Cooper
Filter by Flo Heiss
Get Involved: How You Can Shape the Future of Digital Advertising by James Cooper
Brands as People by Benjamin Palmer
Behavioural Economics and What Lies Beneath by Mark Earls
Being Good by Johnny Vulkan
Agency of the Future by Daniele Fiandaca
A Blast from the Past from the Future by Gavin Gordon-Rogers and Gemma Butler

As importantly though it would not have happened without Laura Jordan Bambach, Flo Heiss and Patrick Burgoyne who formed the initial committee to drive the book forward and curate such an amazing line-up of speakers. Without them this book would not have happened – thanks, you have been fantastic. In addition huge thanks needs to go to Bertrand Carrara who designed the cover and has supported on all the marketing material – thanks for being so responsive and so damned patient with me. Thanks also go to Louisa, Chris B (and Eli), Scott R, Pete P for doing the final review, Tony S and Oscar for helping us get the Kindle version, everyone who has submitted such positive reviews to the book ie Rory Sutherland, Mattias Hansson, Danielle Sacks and Tim O’Kennedy and finally Dave and Mark (from Renegade Media) for supporting with the PR efforts. And obviously a big thanks to Mark for continuing to be such a fantastic partner on Creative Social.

Anyway over the next couple of months we will be providing additional content on this blog to support the topics covered in the book (look out for #csbook on twitter). In the meantime do feel free to order the book and do let us know what you think. I would note that currently it is only globally available on Lulu although a kindle version should be available later next week while the book will get full distribution in the next 5-6 weeks (let’s try and get it in a book shop).

Hope to see some of you at the official London book launch this coming Thursday. New York book party also coming soon.

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