#CSseattle Day 1 write up

Our 21st global event started with a day packed full of inspiration. As always we began with ‘That’s Me That Is’, an opportunity for all the attendees to introduce themselves by showing a project they had recently worked on. It’s always fascinating to see a snapshot of the digital landscape through the output of CS collective. What really stood out was the way in which the traditional ‘campaign’ is developing and evolving into so many stands of digital experience. Advertising doesn’t have to be advertising any more.

Our event partners Microsoft where kind enough to give each of the attendees a Nokia Lumia 1520 to capture #CSseattle with. The guys gave a us quick run down of what it could do and showed us a few tricks, including a setting that lets you create light paintings.


Our first speaker was a man with a varied background that spans film writing, directing and producing. Peter Martin went on to spend time working with Gorillaz and developing the technology used in their live projection performances. In 2012 Peter brought Tupac back from the grave to perform at Coachella with Snoop, it was clear from the reaction it got that ‘digital resurrection’ could be a something special.

Recently Peter created a bi-coastal duet between MIA and Janelle Monae that saw each performer streamed holographically onto the others stage. The technique known as Pepper’s Ghost is rooted in a Victorian magic trick and not ‘technically’ a true hologram, however his team are currently working on creating just that.


The applications for this technology are mind bending. It opens up some incredible opportunities for live performances. Once the technology improves and costs drop it could potentially be available in homes, fancy having holo-great granny round for tea? 

Without a doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more of this in the next few years. Some of it is not only amazing but also a little terrifying, magicleap.com are currently working on a system that beams digital experiences directly into your optic nerve, ouch.

The last session of the day involved a bus journey to a visit a company that clocked up $86 billion in sales during 2013. Boeing (@BoeingAirplanes) build aircraft in multiple factories in Seattle, one of which happens to be largest building in world by volume (113,385,378 m3). 

We were given a tour which included checking out the full scale shell of the 787 Deamliner. It was fascinating to hear the science and psychology that goes into to designing the interior. Rounded corners, smooth edges and lighting techniques are brought together to create a soothing, relaxed, cathedral like atmosphere. It’s about creating a better customer experience that you can feel through the environment you’re encapsulated in, capturing and enhancing the sense of magic that people associate with flying.


It was interesting to hear about an industry in which there are only 2 main players (the other being Airbus) who are incredibly competitive with one another. Opportunities for new business can be few and far between, loosing out on client could result in a 15 year wait to get another chance to pitch for them. The strategy is one that seems synonymous with Seattle in general, build it better rather than market it better. 


We got the chance to test out or piloting skills on the flight simulator. Emmanuel nailed it, others not so much ?

Check out the Storify from day 1 here.

Stay tuned for #CSseattle day 2 tomorrow (Friday 16th), we’ll be kicking off 9am PDT (5pm GMT), follow the action live @CreativeSocial.

Massive thank you to our event partners Microsoft.


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