#CSpresents – Can you hack it? 27th Nov, 7pm

Creative Social Presents
27th Nov, 7pm
DigitasLBi, 146 Brick Lane
E1 6RU London


The question is ‘Can you hack it?’
And the answer: yes, you probably can.

Hacking has become super cool and a regular buzzword we hear all around the industry. Long gone are the days where hacking is just about computer whizz kids pulling all nighters in the bedroom. Getting your hands on something, anything and creatively reinventing it is pretty standard these days.
We are all at it.

The modern hacker is a person who enjoys exploring the limits of what’s possible, creatively modifying the features of an item to change and enhance its original purpose.  This can include the exploration and intermixing of technology, art, design, music, literature, and culture as a whole.
Pretty cool huh.

But is all hacking good? And how can we use the process to enhance our own creativity and our business output? What examples of hacking have changed the way we think and who are the leading innovators?

At our last CS Presents of 2013 we have 5 star speakers who will endeavor to answer these questions whilst exploring various angles around the idea of hacking today.

Our speakers:
Tori Winn, Global Creative Director, Precedent
Nat Hunter, Co-Director of Design, Royal Society of Arts
Liz Sivell, Creative Consultant, Innovation, Start JudgeGill
Malin Hanas, Creative Director, Razorfish
Emma Sexton, Founder & Creative Director, Make Your Words Work / Director, SheSays



Tori Winn kicks off with Art hacking’ a form of cultural communication that has gained notoriety and column inches in recent times. Tori will discuss hacking from an art perspective, featuring some of the most pioneering artists in this area and the art they’ve created through the process of hacking.


Nat Hunter presents, ‘Hacking the business model – radical approaches to making things happen’. Nat will examine the lean start-up model, covering minimum viable product and will give  examples of how brands have successfully managed to do things completely differently.


CS regular, Liz Sivell gives us Super powers’. The human interface is fast becoming the next platform, but how far are people going so they can become a super Hero? Prepare to go on weird and wonderful journey of how people are hacking at their bodies with technology.


Malin Hanas explores ‘The power of prototyping’. ‘Art and copy’ might have been good enough for the Mad Men era, but pen and paper is not enough to get interactive ideas across. Malin is going to show how to use prototyping to win new business, have more interesting ideas, sell them to clients, and successfully put them live.


Last up we have Emma Sexton who leaves us with a closing thought we should all adhere to – ‘Leave it better than you found it’. Emma will show us that by hacking life by applying design thinking we can alter to improve.


Exclusive Converse gig tickets… 
To say a big thanks to all our supporters, the first 70 people to buy tickets to this CS Presents will receive a special bonus ticket to an exclusive Converse & Creative Social hack-a-chuck gig.
Along with hearing about 2 very cool hack-a-chuck hacks undertaken by Socials you get to rock out to music innovator Honkeyfinger, whose sound hotwires the electric freak rock of vintage Beefheart, Blue Cheer, ZZTop, and Black Sabbath into a jumping, lurching monster. Oh and free drinks all round. This invite-only event takes place on Monday 25th November 20.15 – 22.00 @ Hoxton Gallery.
More details will be emailed to you by the CS Team after you have purchased your CS Presents ticket from Eventbrite.


Big thanks as always to our partners:

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Because Source is all about Connected People, Connecting People, Creative Social is the perfect platform for people to network whilst benefiting from leading industry knowledge. To help conversation flow, there will be a sponsored bar, courtesy of our friends at Source


We would also like to say a special thanks to our venue partners DigitasLBi for providing us with ‘The home of Creative Social Presents..’ a top notch venue for creative thinking.


A place for advancing women in digital.


Please note: This event is for agency folk and students only



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