#CSpresents By Day By Night – 26th Feb, 7pm


The Old Truman Brewery
146 Brick Lane
E1 6RU London
26th February, 7pm – 9pm

By Day By Night explores creativity beyond our everyday jobs. Through a series of talks, we’ll get a glimpse of how 5 driven individuals from the communications industry channel their passions into a tangible reality outside their 9 to 5.

Our multitalented speakers will share what makes them tick and how they manage to keep feeding their passions. They’ll give us an insight into their main drivers and explain how it can benefit people to follow their dreams – from the initial idea to a real working model.

Far from hindering a day job, these second jobs and hobbies can enrich and add new perspectives to our everyday roles.

Join the fun and have a listen – we hope we can inspire you to make that age-old dream of yours a reality in 2014.

Our inspiring speakers are:
Alex Lemon, Freelance Writer, Editor and Content Strategist
Nick Farnhill, Founder & Managing Partner, POKE
Aaron Child, Senior Community Manager, Lean Mean Fighting Machine
Tom Evens, Founder, Bleep Bleeps
Daniele Fiandaca, Co-Founder Creative Social & Head of Innovation Cheil

No accounting for ideas
Our first speaker Alex is making her mark – quite literally – with expletives.
When she swapped the bright buzzy world of journalism for the buttoned-up grey of finance, she found that her artistic output flat-lined, her creativity nosedived and her ideas went AWOL. But one warm spring day in A&E, Alex realised she wanted them back.
Creatives are often asked where ideas come from. Alex ended up asking where all hers had gone! What she didn’t know was that answering her question would take her in a direction so rooted in creativity and daftness, people never even suspected she was a chartered accountant.

Passions, not portfolios 
B0119P 0484
Nick is founding partner of creative agency POKE and pursues a (un)reasonable amount of extracurricular diversions beyond his day job – well into the evenings and weekends.
Interested in passions, not portfolios, Nick will talk about launching Internet Week Europe and The Lovie Awards – a celebration of the best of the European interwebs; charitable stuff with Space Studios and the National Citizen Service. He’ll tell us about encouraging the creative talent of tomorrow through The 100 Project and, most recently, helping start a chain of fried chicken restaurants. YUM.

Selfish you
Our third speaker Aaron knows all about having fun. Perhaps it’s his natural networking skills that helped him develop his second job: co-running a comedy night.
In his spare time, he also blogs for the Huffington Post Comedy and helps people release their comedy content online.
Aaron will give us some key pointers on how to see past your day-to-day routine and create something truly worthwhile outside of your 9-5. It’s all about being 100% committed and selfish at times. The rewards will be more than you’d ever expect.

BleepBleeps – From idea to reality
Up next, Tom will tell us how his ‘by night’ became the ‘by day’. He’ll recount his journey from being a Creative Director to becoming CEO of a connected device start-up. It all started with a simple moment of inspiration, but soon turned into the gritty perspirationof building a brand from scratch and pulling a team of hardware and software experts together create physical products ready for manufacturing.

10 years on
Our own Daniele Fiandaca, co-founder of Creative Social (night) and Head of Innovation at Cheil (day), will finish the show.
He’ll go back to the very beginning and talk Creative Social: how it all came to be and how it has managed to keep going strong for 10 years running. Throughout, it’s been all about collaboration, amazing support from members, and a good dash of good luck.

And for all those inspired by our previous speakers, Daniele will provide top tips from his own personal experience along with a summery of his fellow speakers on how to make your passion a reality.


As always, a massive  thanks to our partners:
Source Logo 2
Because Source is all about Connected People, Connecting People, Creative Social is the perfect platform for people to network whilst benefiting from leading industry knowledge. To help conversation flow, there will be a sponsored bar, courtesy of our friends at Source.
We would also like to say a special thanks to our venue partners DigitasLBi for providing us with ‘The home of Creative Social Presents..’ a top notch venue for creative thinking.

Please note: This event is for agency folk and students only

Because of the age and design of the LBi building (a former brewery), we are unable to accommodate wheelchair users at our events. The escape routes from our basement are all vertical and require a level physical mobility when used in the event of a fire or other emergency.
In the event of an emergency, we are able to provide those people with ambulant mobility with assisted escape from one of the building’s emergency response team. However, where a person is a wheelchair user with no mobility, an effective and safe evacuation is not possible.
We would ask those with reduced mobility to contact us ahead of any events to ensure that we have the correct assistance in place in case of an emergency.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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