#CSessions 2nd Oct, 9.30am – J. Paul Neeley

02 October
9.30am – 1pm
Shoreditch Studios, EC2A 3HH


J. Paul Neeley is the Co-Founder & CEO of YossarianLives, a metaphorical search engine. He formed the company with Daniel Foster-Smith & Dr. Katia Shutova in 2011 to help people generate new knowledge and improve the creativity of the internet through metaphor.

Previously, this clever chap worked in the Center for Innovation and SPARC innovation program at Mayo Clinic, as well as in Consumer and Market Insight at Unilever. He holds a M.A. in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art, and B.S. from Northwestern University, where he studied communications studies, economics and cello performance.

In addition to his work on metaphors, J. Paul consults in service design at Neeley Worldwide, works to optimise happiness at Masamichi Souzou, and tutors in Service Design at the Royal College of Art. An experienced service designer and researcher, his personal work explores the implications of emerging technologies, generally working on the topics of health & wellness, happiness, quantified self, complex systems, and computational irreducibility.

At #CSsessions, J.Paul will chat to us about chat engines and whether they hamper our ability to think creatively? Does our current form of instant access to all the worlds information actually make creative insight harder to come by? YossarianLives, a metaphorical search engine currently in alpha, is looking to make search more creative through the use of metaphor. By returning results that are disparate but conceptually related, the site looks to augment users creativity, helping them generate new ideas and insights. J. Paul Neeley, the site’s Co-Founder & CEO explores the dangers current search technologies and paradigms for creativity, and the opportunities for new kinds of augmented creativity through metaphor.

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