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It’s the biggest cliché since the beginning of social media, but sharing is caring. So, Creative Social is doing a whole lot of it this spring and summer. We’re inviting a string of interesting people to talk about a series of delectable topics at the Doodle Bar. It’s the only bar in London we could find where getting creative on the wall is actively encouraged, so it’s decidedly the best place for it. Here’s our report of the kick-off night about food, aka The Most Important Thing Ever.


Feed bellies, not bins.

What a tag line. James Smart, co-director of Save the Date café shares his story of how he’s irrefutably conquering food waste. In East London’s Dalston at least. From there, he works to intercept quantities of perfectly delicious food that’s destined for landfill. But it’s no rubbish they serve, as Save the Date is run by restaurant professionals and food enthusiasts who decided standing by while 40% of food produced in the UK goes to landfill while people go hungry is just not on. If percentages don’t do it for you: the café collects 50 kilos of chicken from one single Nando’s every day. Every day, people. All the chickens. Gosh.

And there’s more: they call Save the Date an egalitarian eatery. Now, don’t dismiss that as a hipsterism just yet because they’re in Dalston. It means that everybody can come and eat there, regardless if you can pay with money. They call it PWYF (pay what you feel). They’re also not-for-profit, obvs. The café now has about 25 homeless people volunteering in return for good food.

And there’s so much more: Save the Date is going to open 100 food waste cafes soon. They do food workshops for lots of kids from mobile units. They’re going to an immigrant camp in Calais where people are generally only served one meal a day, where they’ll feed 600 people 3 meals a day for 4 days.

Eventually the goal is to make food waste illegal and food waste eateries utterly redundant. We’ll be saving that date.

@savethedatecafe / http://savethedate.london/


Easy pickings?

In times of overproduction, obesity and engineered food, there’s no doubt there’s much to say for getting back to basics. Jon the Poacher may once have been dismissed as a scrambling country wildling, but now they come from distant lands to learn about all that is edible in the wild, and gastro pubs are queuing up for his freshly foraged produce and personally poached game.

But Jon’s poaching existence isn’t as idyllic as the pub menu may make it sound, and his life has been threatened by more than murderous mushrooms; he got shot by a gamekeeper twice. Perhaps that’s because in Jon’s lifestyle is has essentially always been about survival. His biggest haul was “a few hundred rabbits”, which he sold to dog food factories at £1/rabbit. About his hunting ethics he said: “I kill anything stupid enough not to move.”

When Jon’s not chasing hare, he may be foraging blossoms or out and about with his basket and 4 expert mushroom books in the forest. “I have never accidentally poisoned anyone,” he told us reassuringly. If you’re brave enough, you can go on a walking tour in the wild with Jon to learn what edible treasures are to be found and feasted upon. @jonthepoacher


Foodie book plug

Anna Barnett is launching her book Eat the Week this spring, which could just be the answer to your dinner planning problems. Rather than writing a cookbook that needs close reading and a million ingredients you’ll have to travel Darkest Peru/Timbuktu (read: Borough Market) for, she’s approached food by days of the week. Because Monday food just isn’t the same as Sunday food, and this way you can just pick a dish for the right day. Easy peasy. Like socks with days of the week on them, but tastier.

Anna doesn’t just do good recipes though. She’s been writing her column The Reluctant Vegetarian (thanks to a vegetarian boyfriend) for the Independent and more recently for Vogue about being a more responsible eater. After sharing her love for food with us at the Doodle Bar, she’s dead set on volunteering at Save the Date – so you might catch a glimpse of her there, if you’re lucky.

@getinmygob / www.getinmygob.blogspot.co.uk / Insta: annabarnettcooks


Author: Isabel Serval. A copywriter. Find me on The Dots


Big thank you to our event partner Doodle Bar for helping us make it happen.


Next CS Shares is all about FASHION on May 19th.

Speakers include Henry Holland and Alex Noble. 

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