CS Sessions – Innovation Stories | 16th May

Date: 16th May 2013
Time: 9am – 12pm
Venue: Google Campus, 4-5 Bonhill Street London EC2A 4BX.

Industry peeps, fasten your seatbelts: we are proud to announce Creative Social’s collaboration with the newly launched ‘Innovation Social’, an affiliation of people dedicated to pushing the limits of what’s possible across the industry.

To be successful business, you can’t ask whether or not you should innovate, but how often, how fast and how fundamentally. Innovation Social aims to unpick what this means for the marketing communications industry, and try make sense of the elusive term of ‘innovation’. For all the latest scoops and info, follow us on Twitter.

For our first collaboration, we’ll be getting together for a pant-wettingly exciting half-day of ‘Innovation Stories’ – the tales of agencies and businesses who have realised that grabbing the future by its metaphorical bollocks is the only way forward. They’ll be presenting a series short and useful case studies addressing key Innovation challenges.

This session will be about two things:
1. The positive impact you can have by injecting a dose of innovation into your communications.
2. The more fundamental impact you can have by demanding that a business innovate their product and give you something worth communicating.

Our cracking line-up of speakers has been lovingly handpicked by Innovation Social. They include:

Alex Jenkins, Editor, Contagious
Andy Law, Chairman, Fearlessly Frank
Charmaine Eggberry, Director, Wayra Accademy
Flo Heiss, Executive Creative Director, Dare
Perry Price, Innovation Director, Dare Innovation Studio

Watch this space for more speakers to be announced!




Why should you attend?

Agency folk:

Persuading clients to innovate how they communicate, and try new techniques such as dual screening, AR or live installations is hard. Persuading them that what they want to communicate is not good enough in the first place, and that they need to innovate their product is even harder. This session will give you the motivation, information and live examples to do both. Get ready for change.

Brand folk:

Business models can succeed and fail in just three years, as competitors and new entrants innovate and turn existing models upside down. To survive you need to be in a ceaseless cycle of innovation. This session will give you the inspiration, information and live examples to give you the confidence to experiment more. It’ll inspire you to challenge your business, to innovate your product, and lead the pack. Time for change.


A whopping THANKS to our partners


and the newly launched Innovation Social.


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