CS Presents Märchenstunde 2013. Storytelling, What’s that all about?


Socials get out their pipe and slippers in an evening from the rocking chair to talk about how storytelling in marketing has changed forever. Yep that’s right folks, this is your chance to get cosy with a line-up of our finest who will be opening 2013 with a night of tales that are sure to keep everyone on the edge of their seat.

What’s storytelling all about? We’ve been doing it for donkey’s years but – as more and more brands use it to spread their message – are the rules changing?
A good story is a good story… but gone are the days when the allure of Jackanory was enough to get us hooked. Attention spans get shorter and shorter, and it’s how we tell those stories that will determine success or failure. How we tell them and how we live them.


We kick off with Seb Royce, whose talk is entitled ‘It’s not just what you say it’s what you do’. He will explore how in today’s world – where behaviour is king – actions often speak louder than words.


Following on from this, Ricardo Figueira investigates how successful brands manage to create opportunities for their audience to tell their own stories. ‘The best stories are not told they are lived’. Advertising is about telling good stories, but great advertising is about letting people be part of their own.


Pipe in hand, Flo Heiss shouts, ‘It’s all just words, words, words…’. He will discuss how to create great work in a world of brand pyramids, messaging hierarchies and product fiction. And we may just get a cheeky peek into DARE’s way of working in a session of Truth and Dare.

Chris Clarke - Chief Creative Officer LBi

Chris Clarke takes us on a historical journey of data, looking at how our relationship to it has turned from one of fear into one of love. He will show us examples of how we have learned to stop worrying and to start embracing data to enrich our storytelling.


We close with a topic that’s had us all in tears at some point: ‘Arrgghhhh Powerpoint’. Al Campbell enlightens us with stories of frustration and downright wrongness. How can we make those frickin’ slides all better again and get back to the story in hand?

Get your PJ’s on and grab a cuppa hot milk, this storytelling night may just come with a metaphorical shot of whiskey.
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Thanks to our partners


Because Source is all about Connected People, Connecting People, Creative Social is the perfect platform for people to network whilst benefiting from leading industry knowledge. To help conversation flow, there will be a sponsored bar, courtesy of our friends at Source

We would also like to say a special thanks to our venue partners LBi for providing us with ‘The home of Creative Social Presents..’ a top notch venue for creative thinking.


Please note: This event is for agency folk and students only

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