CS Presents: A Prediction Of The Past. Time Isn’t Linear. It Loops.

Time is a funny one. Inevitably, past, present and future are intertwined and influence each other. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where one began and the other started. But it’s only in science fiction that we get to use current or future knowledge to influence past decisions and exploit the handy time loop. And what a world that would be: millionaires everywhere!

Quite aside from such daydreams, our past is very much part of our future. And doesn’t history have a knack of repeating itself, kinda like a time loop? We need to consider the past to understand our future and be able to change it. As the very clever Confucius once said: “Study the past if you would define the future.

With a line-up up four stellar speakers, we’ll take this wise man’s advice and attempt to predict the future. We’ll look back and analyse the past, as we near the close of 2012. George Prest (@georgeprest), David Bedwood (@dbedwood), Andy Sandoz (@sandoz) and Mark Cridge (@markcridge) have taken some time to gather their thoughts and cast their minds back over the past year to identify what will be an important indicator of the road ahead.

George assures us that there IS hope for humanity yet (phew!): He will be telling us all about how design can save our souls and make 2013 look very rosy indeed.
Dave will reveal ‘Why press and posters are the future of digital’, explain how this is, in fact, not a paradox, and demonstrate that 8 words or less is the way forward.
Our resident Social Andy is back with a bang, and will use those infamous time loops to explain why 2012 was ‘The year the Future got Old’.
Last but not least, Mark Cridge will show us why a change is as good as a rest…. After all, change is the only thing we can safely predict there’s going to be a lot of in 2013.

So, grab a ticket and although we can’t promise to make you instant millionaires you can find out from the horse’s mouth what change is going to be affecting the industry in the year ahead.


Massive thanks to our event partner Source, curtesy of whom we’ll be able to enjoy free drinks during the event. A toast to that!

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