CS Fresh Picks – F**K That’s Good Too

What campaigns in the last 12 months have stood out for you?  Does something come to mind straight away or is it getting harder to make work that gets noticed?  At CS Fresh we asked our newest Socials to pick the one piece that made them say F** That’s Good, I wish I had done that

Hate Mail by Mr Bingo
“Really simple idea, really brilliantly done and he kept doing it.”
Matt Follows, Founder, Leading Left @mattfollows

Tender: It’s How People Meat

“I like things that make you feel, think and do. This is silly but also serious and true. It’s art, not advertising. But I think a lot of what we saw at CS Fresh blurred those lines. In short, when I saw this, it made me feel like I wanted to share it and talk about it. It was, in a word, fucking good.”
Jonas Lembe, The Innovation Chapel

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator
“Design wise looked fantastic and raw, really cheap so sold thousands.  They also released cad drawings so people could design their own covers for it.”
Fredrick Josefsson, Art Director & Partner, Åkestam Holst @superpanic

Terribly Delicious

“Marketing campaign affected social change. Changed fish into a national dish, solved lots of different problems”
Jason Apaliski, ‎Creative at Pereira & O’Dell

“Really creative way of solving a universal problem but also gained attention. Does what advertising is meant to do and we can learn something from that”
Simon White, Founder, Formulation @purplesime

Man Seeking Woman

“Animation, storyboarding and music fit really well. Animation is very basic but captures it all. Also by one of my favourite companies”
Dom Butchello, Lead Designer, Betaworks 

Sundays by Post panic Amsterdam

“Technically the film is outstanding for a 15 min short. Then it got sold to Warner and it was produced in 3 years using 50k from Kickstarter – amazing results.   Potentially changes how film production houses produce movies. If you can make that for 50k am I really going to spend 50m+ on a movie? Not sure. Game changer!”
Jason Fulton, Director, This Memento

Always: Like A Girl

“The original ad to get the conversation going was amazing”
Ed Beard, Head of Creative Strategy, DigitasLBi

Jonny Walker Blue

“Beautiful and different. Curated so you could buy everything he was wearing. Commercial hell but worth it”
Justin Day, Co-Founder and Creative Director, McFaul+Day

Empathy Cards by Emily McDowell


“I’m always interested in truthful connections, honesty cutting through at a time when people need it and also commercially that’s what greeting cards should do. Good idea for a business line that people need. Authentic”
Fern Miller, Chief Strategy & Insight Officer, DigitasLBi

We Film – Rollercoaster Ad

“Everyone wants the cool clients, no one wants to work clients that are perceived to be ‘boring and dry’ but I have this opinion that they can be the most powerful in terms of advertising. Briefs for a client like an Estate Agent will force you to really think creatively. They bought attention to the client/brand through creating a fun piece of viral rather than ‘selling’ houses in a conventional way. Creatives that are put off by the challenge of boring briefs are boring themselves.”
Laura Richardson, Head of Marketing & Partnerships, The Dots



Finally which work got the most votes from CS Fresh? The Singing Sailor, we salute you!

The Singing Sailor

Find out what has made Flo Heiss, Nicky Bullard, Bo Hellberg, Jon Burkhart and Simon White say F**K That’s Good Too – CS Presents on 2nd June –

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