A really interesting article in AdAge about the credit that is given to digital production agencies. This issue is not new and first came up when Crispin Porter won all the plaudits (and the resulting fame) for ‘Subservient Chicken’ when we all know that the magic was created by ‘The Barbarian Group’. I personally think that Micheal has some really good points and in an increasing collobarative environment, everyone should get credit (in the same way the whole team who works on a project should get credit, not just the creative team and planner). However the risk for vying for recognition when dealing in a non collaborative world (which is unfortunately true of much of the traditional world) is that you might just find your work drying up.

The reality though I’m sure is that in this case Big Spaceship did not act as a production company but rather the digital advertising agency as part of the mix – in this case surely it should have had the sole rights to winning the Cyber Lions with BBDO credited.

Anyway full article can be read here. I am sure that some Socials would have their own view?

UPDATE: Another article in relation to this whole topic can be found here including some good comments from Ben