Last month, five of our finest UK Socials came together to discuss their individual views on this subject ranging from virals from the early days of the Internet, to how Google’s algorythms are adding to the world of crap, to the Dark side, and how to resist it. Booze was kindly provided for by Propel London (thanks guys) and the result looked a bit like this (thanks Ed for kindly putting the video together for us):

Creative Social presents… The Internet Used To Be Fun. What Happened? from Edward Bishop on Vimeo.

We really hope that those that made it enjoyed the evening. Our next CS presents…. is fixed for September 7th so if you are interested, be sure to pencil it in the diary. Speakers to be announced soon.

Anyway the presentations from the evening are replicated below. The thing that seemed to come out the most for me was that those of us at the ‘top’ of the industry are getting old and we need to make sure that we can find ways of seeing things with a new set of eyes and part of this will be in being inspired by the new talent coming through (many of which were there that night).

Also Flo Heiss asked where the stuff that makes us feel like this:

Has there been a Guinness Surfer equivalent for 2011? Chris Clarke’s response was categorically yes. His view was that In B Flat, the Symphony of 20 Simultaneous YouTube Music Videos more than matches the experience:

What do you think? Has the digital advertising world produced anything as good Guinness Surfer?


Flo Heiss, Creative Partner, Dare

Flo’s presentation here. And he has even providied his own little write up here.

Laura Jordan Bambach, Executive Creative Director, Lost Boys International – London

Laura you googlies

Andy Sandoz, Creative Partner and Innovation Director, Work Club

Punched master2 andy

Chris Clarke, Chief Creative Officer, Lost Boys International – London

The Internet Is Still Fun

Nathan Cooper, Creative Director, Anomaly

Nathan showed a mixture of things that he found interesting/made him laugh. If want to see more of the same, just check out Rubbishcorp