By now you should know that many members of the Creative Social had an idea to write a book about digital advertising. Daniele does a good job of explaining why we wrote a book rather than doing something digital here. You can read some reviews here and buy it here.

The idea for the book came about in Berlin 2007 when we were discussing the best way to get clients to produce better work. We all felt it was a problem of education rather than will or skill. If only we had something we could give to our clients that would get them excited about the kind of work we all wanted to do while not scaring the bejesus out of them.

I think the book does that. There are some fairly simple chapters about just getting involved and then there are some more specific chapters about craft and what’s coming up next.

The book was officially launched in London last week but four of the authors are New York based so we are going to have a little party in New York too. Those authors are:

  • Alessandra Lariu – McCann
  • Johnny Vulkan – Anomaly
  • Benjamin Palmer – Barbarian
  • James Cooper – Saatchi / JWT

You shouldn’t really need an incentive to buy this book. For 15 bucks you are peering into the minds of some of the most innovative Creative Directors in the world but nevertheless we had another little idea.

For $20 (cash please!) you will get a book and a live tweet from the above authors – who will be present to talk about the book and their chapters. When you combine our followers with that of @CreativeSocial that’s over 10,000 followers. (Hopefully fairly high quality followers – apart from @dbedwood).

The tweets could be a follow or a link. (we’ll vet any links first to make sure they’re suitable).

The party will be hosted by our fiends HyperIsland at 74 Orchard Street NYC on Thursday November 11th from 7-10pm.

Please RVSP to [email protected] (you like that old school hotmail don’t you?)

Hopefully see you there.