CS Antwerp is live from above a legal brothel. We have 35 Creative Directors all in one room representing among others Agency Republic, Boondoogle, b-reel, Creature, Daddy, Full Six, Gringo, Herraiz & Soto, LBi, LMFM, JWT, M& C Saatchi, Nitro, Perfect Fools, Plan.Net, Profero, Thesedays, Tribal DDB, Unit 9 and Y&R. People have flown in from Amsterdam, London, New York, Paris, Sao Paolo, Seattle, Stockholm so very international.

Looking forward to an inspiring day from some amazing speakers (see below). You can follow it live here. If you want to contribute ideas for the Roundtables in the afternoon, please provides ideas in comments or reply to our twitter.

The Agenda

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints…

Reginald Van de Velde is a passionate Urban exploration (Urbex) photographer. Look it up. In short he documents places that everyone else has chosen to leave behind and quite simply this leads to fascinating photography where every picture has a story. Here’s Reginald’s siteand here’s an overview of his conquests.

Muriel Scherre is the leading lady of cult lingerie label La Fille d’O. She turned the Belgian fashion scene upside down with her sexy and sensual collections, and her provocative book, Lingerie & Lollipops. What started as a home industry is now an international business, where you can now purchase her pristine pieces from Marbella to South-Korea.

Scherre’s take on femininity is seductive and humorous. Taking it’s name from Pauline Reage’s infamous erotic book L’Histoire d’O, La Fille d is a brand that has fun, throws sensational parties, is locally made and engages unusual marketing. Her self made Facebook group I hate Murielle Scherre is a good start.

Ten years on and Man Bites Dog remains one of Belgium’s most loved TV shows. Content rich, it digs up bizarre and often tragic-comical stories, but always real, always human and always respectful for both the audience and for the people they interview. Elke Neuville is editor of the show and will be joining us to share her experiences and some of the stories. She will also offer us some insight into their network of story touch points, the places they find these colourful characters.

Apart from mussels & fries, Flanders is known for its burgundy lifestyle. So all things culinary are very characteristic to the region. In with the new however is chef Bernard Lahousse, an internationally renowned food scientist and founder of CREAX Food, he’s leading the way in the molecular kitchen. Bernard will present food pairing, molecular gastronomy and new kitchen techniques. He will talk about the concepts of coupling and replacing ingredients based on their chemical components.

And we get to be the guinea pigs.

Bernard is also one of The Flemish Primitives, a group of well-known chefs that meet, share and criticise each others work. Bet they don’t do That’s me that is. We’ll see more of them later.