If you’d like to hear Lars Bastholm, Andy Sandoz, Bridget Jung and Ale Lariu tell us Where Creatives Go To Die, then vote for our SXSW panel here.

Friends & family also worthy of your click are:

Perfect Fools & Converse talking brands and street art with most epic special guest Ben EINE – Against the wall: Converse takes street art social

Barbarian Group using their undisputed greatness helping us – Finding balance in the hype machine & the new digital/traditional “hybrids”

Poke, getting clever with getting clever – Freud, Duchamp & the art of UX

and finally Hyper Island & friends getting friendly – Collaboration Welcome, No A$$holes Allowed


Vote for all 5 of these now. It closes Friday & if you have a panel, please share with us by dropping it in the comments.